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Phone: 02 4578 6999


Head Office address: 122 Windsor St, Richmond NSW 2753, Australia

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Barrels & Ashes offers a modern Australian menu with a smokehouse twist alongside an exceptional bar offering that champions excellent whiskey, creative cocktails & an extensive array of spirits. They are located in Richmond, in the beautiful Hawkesbury region West of Sydney.

Here are the latest Barrels & Ashes menu prices and location in Australia, Discover everything Barrels & Ashes has on offers.

Barrels & Ashes Main Menu With Price

Starters & Snacks

Garlic Bread $7

rye sourdough w/ black garlic butter

Cheesy Garlic Bread $10

rye sourdough w/ black garlic butter & melted cheese

Chilli Cheese Garlic Bread $10

rye sourdough w/ black garlic butter, melted cheese & chilli

B&A marinated $9

olives – served warm

Bowl of Charred $9

Corn (3) w/ smoked paprika & lime

Beer Battered $10

Pickle w/ sriracha mayo

Smoked Spanish $10

Chorizo w/ B&A seasoning and Barrels smokey tomato relish

Beer battered $11

Onion Rings w/ B&A bourbon honey BBQ sauce & kewpie mayo

Beer battered $12

mushrooms w/ sriracha lime mayo

Crispy Fried $13

Haloumi w/ Barrels smokey tomato relish, lemon & saltbush

Smoked Pork $13

Belly Chips w/ B&A seasoning & whiskey maple agave sauce

Triple cooked house $13

cut fries w/ B&A seasoning

Blackened crispy chicken $19

wings 500gm Served w/ pickled celery, pickled onion, carrot & ranch

Burgers Menu

The Beef Burger Patties Are Minced In House Using Premium Angus Grade Beef, Duck Fat & B&a Spice Mix. Cooked To Medium. All Served On A Toasted Brioche Bun W/ Bone Marrow Butter. Make It A Complete Meal. Enjoy Your Burger W/ Fries, Onion Rings & A Pickle +$7

American Burger $18

Angus beef, double cheese, pickles, mustard & tomato sauce

Classic Burger $20

beef, cheese, tomato, onion, leaves, kewpie mayo & tomato relish

Angus Burger $20

beef, cheese, Coopers Stout caramelised onion, pickles, agave whisky bacon & ranch

Barrels Burger $20

Angus beef, cheese, agave whisky bacon, onion, leaves, B&A smoked beetroot & smokey tomato relish

Little Porker $20

honey & cider pulled pork, agave whisky bacon, slaw, pickles & Barrels Bourbon Honey BBQ sauce

Haloumi Burger $20

mixed leaves, tomato, Coopers Stout caramelised onion, B&A smoked beetroot relish & ranch sauce

Southern-fried Chicken Burger $20

fried chicken, slaw, pickles & sriracha lime mayo

Chilli Burger $21

Angus beef, kewpie mayo, agave whisky bacon, double cheese, pickles & your choice of chilli sauce – Sriracha | B&A Smoked Chilli & Bourbon (HOT!! ) | B&A Tequila & Lime (HOT!! )

Ultimate Cheeseburger $28

Double Angus beef, double American cheese, double Mexican cheese, pickles, agave whisky bacon, mustard, tomato sauce & Barrels smoked cheese sauce

Smoked Chick-Orizo Burger $29

Southern Fried chicken, smoked chorizo, agave whisky bacon, tomato, onion, leaves, smoked tomato & chipotle relish & smoked cheese sauce
Add B&A smoked agave whisky bacon +4
Add an extra burger patty, haloumi or chicken breast +7ea
Gluten Free +3

Bowls & Salads

Charred Veg Salad w/ agave $25

maple whiskey carrots & broccolini, charred corn, mixed leaves, Greek yoghurt & mint, mixed seeds & grains & crispy shallots

Haloumi & Chorizo Salad $26

w/ mixed leaves, tomato, Spanish onion, smoked lemon, salt bush, mixed grains, crispy shallots & B&A smokey tomato relish

Creamy Black Garlic $33

Butter Prawns w/ Old Bay seasoning, mixed grains, crispy shallots & charred corn

Black Garlic Butter Chilli Prawns $33

w/ Old Bay seasoning, mixed grains, crispy shallots, charred corn & your choice of chilli sauce – Sriracha | B&A Smoked Chilli & Bourbon (HOT!! ) | B&A Tequila & Lime (HOT!! )

Frogmore Bowl w/ prawns $34

chorizo, black garlic butter, Old Bay seasoning, mixed grains, crispy shallots & charred corn

Steaks Menu

The Steaks Are All High Quality Msa Grade 120 Day Grain Fed Premium Angus Beef. Served W/ Whisky Maple Carrots & Broccolini, Mashed Potato, Smoked Tomato & Beetroot Relish, Black Garlic Butter, Pickled Tomatoes, Celery & Mushroom, Smoked Salt & Truffle Oil

200gm Eye Fillet $41

300gm Scotch Fillet $49

Surf n Turf +$10

Add creamy black garlic butter prawns to your steak

B&A Signature Menu

Chilli Chicken Waffle $31

Toasted waffle topped w/ Southern fried chicken breast, agave whisky bacon & chilli caramel sauce. Served w/ slaw, pickles & mixed leaf salad

Slow cooked lamb shoulder $36

w/ Yorkshire pudding, mash, broccolini, carrots, macadamia nut butter, saltbush & bush tomato dukkah

Pit Plate (for 2) 150g brisket, 250gm Ribs, $72

chorizo, blackened wings, pulled pork & flatbread. Served w/ charred corn, slaw, pickled vegetables, pickles & potato salad

Smoked & Slow – your way

Enjoy our Smoked & Slow offering just the way you like it.
Choose your meat in your preferred weight and add your favourite sides

Southern Fried Chicken (Single Breast | Double Breast) $14 | $23

Served w/ charred corn & pickled vegetables

Smoked Chicken Maryland $16

w/ B&A dry rub. Served w/ charred corn, pickled vegetables, lemon, saltbush & bush tomato dukkah

Smoked Honey & Cider Pulled Pork (150g | 300g | 600g) $13 | $24 | $45

Served w/ charred corn, pickled vegetables & Barrels Bourbon Honey BBQ sauce

Black Angus Brisket (150g | 300g | 600g) $17 | $29 | $52

Hickory smoked & slow cooked. Served w/ whisky jus, charred corn & pickled vegetables

Slow Smoked Pork Loin Ribs (250g | 500g | 1kg) $23 | $39 | $66

served w/ our B&A Bourbon Honey BBQ sauce or Chilli BBQ Sauce, charred corn, mixed sesame seeds, saltbush & pickled vegetables

Side of Slaw +$6

Garden Salad +$6

Side of Potato Salad +$7

Fries +$7

Side of Mash +$7

Charred +$8

carrots & broccolini w/ smoked sour cream & mixed seeds

Side Menu

Slaw $12

Fries $13

Garden Salad $12

Potato Salad $14

Mash $14

Charred carrots & broccolini $16

smoked sour cream & mixed seeds

Dessert Menu

Single scoop of ice cream $3

vanilla, salted caramel or chocolate obsession

Churros $9

chocolate dipping sauce

Choc fondant lava cake $14

chocolate obsession ice cream, double cream & chocolate Persian fairy floss

Waffle de Jour $14

please ask staff for todays flavours

“Something Naughty” Adults Only ice cream $16

Choose from:

Salted Honey – Jack Daniels Honey Liqueur, salted caramel ice cream & vanilla fairy floss
Spanish Spiced – Licor 43, vanilla ice cream & vanilla fairy floss
The Pink Lady – Mozart strawberry crème, vanilla ice cream & rose fairy floss
Chocolate Obsession – Mozart chocolate, chocolate obsession ice cream & chocolate fairy floss

Kids Menu

Cheeseburger & Chips $12

small drink and ice cream

Chicken Strips & Chips $12

small drink and ice cream

Fish & Chips $12

small drink and ice cream

Barrels & Ashes Drinks Menu With Price

Wine | Sparkling

Chain of Fire Cuvee Sparkling

$8 G / $22 B

Hentley Farm Blanc de Noir Sparkling

$45 B

Charles Heidsieck Brut

$165 B

Wine | White

Chain of Fire Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

$8 G $22 B

Moscato Fiore

$10 G $29 B

Pikorua Sauvignon Blanc

$11 G $29 B

Wildflower Chardonnay

$12 G $34 B

Henschke Tilly’s Vineyard

$35 B

Hentley Farm Riesling

$14 G $39 B

Prosecco Lagioiosa

$15 G / $46 B

Wine | Red Menu

Chain of Fire Merlot

$8 G $22 B

Ad Hoc ‘Pip’ Rose

$13 G $36 B

Phillip Shaw Pinot Noir

$13 G $36 B

Pocketwatch Cabernet Sauvignon

$13 G $36 B

Rymill Yearling Shiraz

$10 G $28 B

Bremerton Silkirk Shiraz

$45 B

Hentley Farm Cabernet Sauvignon

$49 B

The Yard ‘Riversdale’ Cabernet Sauvignon

$49 B

Josef Chromy Pinot Noir

$59 B

Beer & Cider Menu


Coopers Pale Ale 1/2 Pint $6

Coopers Pale Ale Pint $9.50

Pale Ale Pitcher $29

Barrels Lager 1/2 Pint $5.50

Barrels Lager Pint $8.50

Lager Pitcher $25


Coopers Pacific Ale $7.50

Coopers Dark $7

Dry Coopers $7

Coopers Pale Ale $7.50

Coopers Sparkling $8

Hazy IPA $8

Coopers Stout $9

Crown $8

Brooklyn BelAir Sour 355ml Can $8

James Boag Premium Lager $8

Byron Bay ‘the Hazy One’ Pale Lager $9

Panhead Quickchange XPA $9.50

Little Creatures IPA $10

Peroni $8

Sapporo 650ml Can $18


Scrumpy $9.50

Sweet Julie $9.50

Apple $9.50

Pear $9.50

Soft Drink Menu

Pepsi, Solo, Lemonade, Soda Water, Ginger Ale, Pepsi Max $6

Juice | Apple, Orange, Cranberry, Pineapple $6.50

Lemon Lime Bitters $6.50

Voss Mineral Water 375ml / 800ml $4/$9

Hillybilly non-alcoholic apple cider $7.50

Mocktails Menu

Lychee Delight – lychee, mint & lime $10

Virgin Mojito $10

Daquiri Strawberry $10

Watermelon Burst w/ mint & lime $10

Cola Libre – cola mint & lime $10

Pineapple Sunrise $10

Barrels & Ashes Cocktails Menu With Price


Tequila Sunrise $16

Blu, orange juice & grenadine – simple & delicious

Traditional Margarita $16

salty citrusy perfection

Smoked Lemon Margarita $18

traditional Mexican favourite w/ a Barrels smokey twist

Watermelon Margarita $18

Passion $17

Anejo Liqueur Tequila blended w/ passionfruit & balanced with lime and strawberry sugar

Barrels Margarita $18

Herradura Anejo Tequila, Blood Orange Cointreau & orange juice finished w/ cinnamon

The Don $18

Don Julio Anejo Tequila, Mozart Chocolate & orange bitters topped w/ shaved chocolate & cinnamon


Daiquiri $17

choose from classic lime, strawberry or watermelon

Strawberry Frozen Daiquiri $18

white rum w/ lime & strawberries served frozen. Refreshing!

Caipriniha $17

Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum muddled w/ fresh lime & brown sugar syrup. Shaken & served over ice.

Mojito $16

White rum, lime & mint

Lychee Mojito $17

White rum, lychee liqueur, lime & mint. Heaps of ice and topped w/ soda!

Cubre Libre $17

white Cuban rum muddled w/ mint, lime and topped w/ cola

Untold Obsession $17

Spiced Rum, dark chocolate liqueur & a hint of orange bitters – like a spiced jaffa!

Coconut Grenade $18

Spiced Rum, Malibu, Blue Curacao, passionfruit & charred pineapple syrup

Smoked Secret $18

Bacardi Ora Rum, orange bitters, cognac & lime juice. Served on ice & topped w/ smokey ginger beer.

Kraken Banana Split $18

Kraken Spiced Rum & Licor 43 mixed w/ fresh banana & cream. It’s sweet, spicy & creamy – delicious!

Pina Colada $18

Barrels Beer Daiquiri $16

Bacardi Oro, lime wedges & passionfruit mixed w/ brown sugar then topped w/ Coopers Pale Ale – brilliantly refreshing!


Sweet Punch $18

Belvedere Vodka with Watermelon, Lime Juice & Jalapeño Juice balanced with agave syrup

Bashes $17

Grey Goose Vodka, blood orange liqueur, pineapple & lemon juice finished w/ rosemary

Caprioska $17

Vodka muddled w/ fresh lime & sugar syrup. Shaken over ice.

Drunken Lychee Delight $17

Vodka, frozen lychee, mint & lime topped w/ a splash of soda

Watermelon Burst $17

Vodka, frozen watermelon, mint & lime topped w/ a splash of soda

Bloody Mary $16

the classics are sometimes the best – as spicy as you like

Turkish Delight $20

Vodka O, Mozart Strawberry Creme w/ rosewater & vanilla syrup feat. rose & pistachio Persian fairy floss

Cosmo $16

New York’s favourite! A delicious blend of vodka, Cointreau, cranberry & lime juice

French Cosmo $16

A delicious blend of vodka, Chambord, cranberry & lime juice

Bubble Gum Sour $17

vodka, strawberry cream, lemon & lime juice served w/ toasted marshmallows

Heavenly Hibiscus $18

Vodka O, blood orange liqueur and floral hibiscus syrup to lift your day!

Liquid Elderflower Pavlova $18

St Germaine Elderflower Liqueur, Licor 43, Vodka O, passionfruit, meringue & honeycomb. Our favourite dessert in a glass!

Barrels Iced Tea $25

vodka, white rum, lavender gin, triple sec, tequila, cola, lemon & lime juice. Not for the faint hearted!


Lavender 43 $18

Lavender infused Gin balanced w/ passionfruit, Licor 43, watermelon juice & delicious creamy top

Smokey Forest $17

Plymouth Sloe Gin, mixed berries & bitters topped w/ ginger ale

Blood Orange Gin Sour $17

78 Degree gin, blood orange liqueur balanced, agave syrup, lemon juice & bitters

Blackcurrant Gin Sour $17

Tom Collins $16

Ironbark 313 dry Gin makes this traditional classic even better!

Blackberry & Rosemary Collins $18

Plymouth Sloe Gin w/ rosemary syrup, sherry, cherry juice, blackberries & lime topped w/ soda

Blue Lady $16

Lavender Gin infused gin, grapefruit bitters & blue curacao – simply beautiful

Negroni $17

the Gin Classic! w/ Aperol & Rosso Martini balanced w/ orange bitters

Violette Sour $18

Rogue Society Gin, Violette Liqueur, lavender syrup & grapefruit bitters

Sunset Gin Sour feat $18

78 Degree Sunset Gin from the Adelaide Hills served w/ Rosso, Lemon juice & sugar syrup.


Old Fashioned $17

The true southern American classic. Made with your choice of Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey Rye – or made with your favourite whisky (prices vary)

Sazerac $22

the world’s first cocktail! Jack Daniels Rye whiskey, bitters & lemon peel muddled in an Absinthe lined glass

Manhattan $17

a refined cocktail for the serious drinker! Wild Turkey Rye, Canadian Club 12yo balanced w/ Martini Rosso Vermouth & bitters

B&A Toblerone $17

the old classic made better w/ Wild Turkey Honey, Licor 43, Mozart Milk Chocolate & Mozart White Chocolate Crème Liqueurs & honey then topped w/ chocolate and honeycomb

Woodford Eclipse $18

Woodford Reserve with liqueur Cassis, muddled berries, topped with cranberry juice, lime & soda

Lynchburg Lemonade $16

the best type of lemonade! Jack Daniels #7, Cointreau, lime & lemon juice sweetened & topped w/ soda

Smoked Lynchburg Lemonade $16

As above, using our house smoked lemons to give an extra smoky flavour

Whiskey Sour $16

Old Forester’s bourbon made sour w/ lemon & lime juice

Maple Apple Bourbon Sour $19

Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire Cinnamon Whiskey, maple syrup, Pomme Verte (apple) liqueur balanced with fresh lemon & lime

Mint Julep $16

an original masterpiece! Makers 46, mint syrup, fresh mint & bourbon barrel bitters served over crushed ice

Smoked & Sour $17

Ardbeg 10yo, vanilla syrup, lemon & lime juice with a dash of sherry

Burnt Orange Julep $17

Barrels & Ashes twist on the original julep! Buffalo Trace Bourbon, orange bitters, burnt orange segments, mint & agave syrup topped w/ candied orange wheel & rosemary

The Martini Collective

Snowflake Martini w/ Vodka O $16

Mozart White Chocolate Crème Liqueur & vanilla served w/ shaved white chocolate

Barrels Espresso Martini $17

Vodka O perfectly blended w/ coffee for the ultimate kick

Salted Caramel Espresso Martini $17

a beautiful mix of vodka & coffee balanced w/ salted caramel & topped w/ chocolate honeycomb

Licor 43 Espresso Martini $17

Spains finest spiced liqueur, Licor 43, mixed w/ vodka & a double shot of espresso topped w/ whipped cream & shaved white chocolate – Truly a great pick me up!

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Barrels & Ashes Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 4:30–9pm
Friday 11:30am–2:30pm
Saturday 11:30am–10pm
Sunday 11:30am–8pm

Barrels & Ashes Offers

Dine & Discover Vouchers

Barrels & Ashes is proud to be a Covid safe business!

They are now accepting Dine & Discover vouchers in line with NSW Government regulations. They able to accept vouchers to ‘dine’ only. Vouchers may be used at any time and must be presented for scanning on payment. One voucher per person per day.

Not sure what Dine & Discover is? You can find out more and apply for your vouchers at Service NSW.

About Barrels & Ashes

Barrels & Ashes is bar harks from the decadent days of the art deco era and is the centrepiece of Barrels & Ashes. Join us for a beautifully crafted cocktail, delicious wine or exquisite whiskey whilst enjoying a little something from our menus.

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