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Carl’s Jr Menu, Prices and Locations in Australia

Carl’s Jr Main Menu With Price To Share Dinner for 2 Beef $35.95 Night Time Munchies $49.95 Family Bundle $59.95 Meat Lovers $59.95 Team Shout $95.95 Chargrilled Angus Original Angus Burger® $13.95 Double Original Angus Burger® $18.85 Jalapeño Angus Burger® $15.80 Western Bacon Angus Burger® $17.00 Hawaiian Angus Burger® $15.80 Guacamole Bacon Angus Burger® $17.65

Carlingford Menu, Prices and Locations in Australia

Carlingford Main Menu With Price Meat & Seafood Pizzas Caprice $21.50 Double smoked leg ham, mushrooms, capsicum, olives and anchovies on a Napolitana sauce base. Reef and Beef $28.50 Smoked coffee rubbed beef brisket and butterflied king prawns on Napolitana sauce base drizzled with bearnaise sauce. Meat Pizzas BBQ Meat Lovers $26.00 Double smoked leg

Zen Menu, Prices and Locations in Australia

Zen Main Menu With Price Special Japanese Bento Zen’s Takeaway Special Bento $18.50 94% (679) Teriyaki Bento $30.00 95% (204) Zen’s Sushi Bento $20.00 90% (171) Kaiseki Bento $34.00 91% (122) Zen’s Sashimi Bento $20.00 97% (114) Sushi and Sashimi Assorted Sashimi $28.00 97% (152) Assorted Sushi and Sashimi Combo $35.00 93% (175) Assorted Charcoal

Hashtag Menu, Prices and Locations in Australia

Hashtag Main Menu With Price Burgers Classic Burger $14.50 Delux Burger $18.99 Supersonic Burger $20.99 Grilled Chooks Burger $17.99 Mac and Cheese Burger $18.99 Beef patty, american cheese, bacon, cos lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, mac and cheese on a hamburger bun. Cheese Burger $10.99 Smashed beef patty topped with onion, American cheese and tomato sauce on

Gourmet Curry Menu, Prices and Locations in Australia

Gourmet Curry Main Menu With Price APPETIZERS Aloo Tikki (Contains Gluten) (2 Pcs) Mashed potatoes cooked lightly spiced and deep fried. $9.90 Spinach Pakora (Contains Gluten) (4 Pcs) Spinach and potato dumplings marinated in chickpea flour $9.90 Onion Bhaji (Contains Gluten) (4 Pcs) Crispy golden brown onions marninated in chickpea flour $9.90 Vegetable Samosas (Contains

Calzone Menu, Prices and Locations in Australia

Calzone Main Menu With Price Savoury Calzones The Original Calzone $16.00 Ham, cheese, and mushroom. 95% (117) The Four Cheese Calzone $16.00 Mozzarella, Cheddar, brie, and fetta. 93% (95) The Spicy Calzone $16.00 Chicken, chilli, jalapenos, capsicum, and cheese. 96% (50) The Meatlover Calzone $16.00 Ham, chicken, cabanossi, and cheese. The Vegetarian Calzone $16.00 Mushrooms,