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Freo Pizza Factory Menu
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 by Nita Mahida

Absolutely love this place!!! The staff and owners are so lovely and the pizza is amazing every single time!!!

Freo Pizza Factory Menu store hours

Phone: 0416655676


Head Office address: 1, James Street (crn Beach St.) Fremantle - WA - Australia

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Freo Pizza Factory is an Australian restaurant located in James Street (crn Beach St.) Fremantle. They offers Entries, Pizza, Desserts and other testy food in Australia.

Here are the latest Freo Pizza Factory menu prices in Australia, Discover everything Freo Pizza Factory has on offer

Freo Pizza Factory Main Menu With Price

Entries Menu With Price

Garlic Bread – $6


Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and basil – $8


Salad – $15

Rocket, baby spinach, capsicum, mix of seeds, walnuts, cheddar, onion, olives, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Served with a slice of bread

Crostino mozzarella and anchovies – $15

Bread soaked in milk with melted mozzarella and anchovies. Cooked in the wood-fired pizza oven

Crostino mozzarella and mushrooms – $15

Bread soaked in milk with melted mozzarella and mushrooms. Cooked in the wood-fired pizza oven. Vegetarian

Antipasto – $25

Prosciutto, selection of cheese and olives, served with pizza bread and fig jam (for 2 people). Gluten free option available

Antipasto “ITALIANO” – $25

Buffalo mozzarella served on rocket and cherry tomatoes, prosciutto and pizza bread. Gluten free option available

Pizza Menu Price

Semplice – $17

Tomato base, mozzarella and basil

Croccante – $21

Pizza bread with garlic sauce, rosemary and prosciutto

Delicata – $26

Mozzarella, Italian mix mushroom, white truffle and fresh parsley

Marinara – $20

Tomato base, onion, black olives, garlic and anchovies

Saporita – $20

Tomato base, mozzarella and anchovies

Rustica – $22

Tomato base, mozzarella, sausages, broccolini and chilli

Piccante – $21

Tomato base, mozzarella, hot salami anc chilli

Esotica – $20

Tomato base, mozzarella, pineapple and ham

Creativa – $23

Tomato base, mozzarella, potatoes, spinach, anchovies and onion

Raffinata – $23

Tomato base, cheddar, blue cheese, running egg, onion and asparagus

Fresca – $22

Mozzarella, zucchini, fresh rocket, capsicum, eggplants, corn kernels

Famosa – $25

Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, fresh rocket, prawns, mushroom

Nuova – $21

Tomato base, mozzarella, anchovies, zucchini and olives

Gustosa – $22

4 cheeses, sage and walnuts

Ricca – $24

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, home-made Bolognese sauce, sausages, hot salami, capsicum and rosemary

Deliziosa – $23

Mozzarella, chicken, potatoes, capsicum and rosemary, smoked cheese

Magnifica – $26

Mozzarella, spinach, mascarpone cheese and Prosciutto

Cittadina – $21

Tomato base, mozzarella, chicken, garlic and capsicum

Campagnola – $23

Tomato base, mozzarella, Philadelphia cheese, hot salami and mushroom

Insolita – $22

Mozzarella,prawns, ham and Philadelphia cheese

Appetitosa – $22

Mozzarella, prawns, zucchini, anchovies and cherry tomatoes

Leggera – $21

Mozzarella, smoked salmon and spinach

Sofisticata – $22

Tomato base, mozzarella, broccolini, bacon, cheddar, running egg and chilli

Regale – $26

Tomato base, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil

Spagnola – $22

Tomato base, mozzarella, chorizo, jalapenos, onion and scamorza cheese

Montanara – $24

Mozzarella base, scamorza cheese, Italian mix mushroom and fresh pancetta

Estiva – $26

Focaccia bread, fresh cherry tomatoes, prosciutto and parmisan cheese

Elegante – $23

Tomato base, mozzarella, eggplant, sundried tomatoes, provolone cheese, home-made genovese pesto and walnuts

Vulcanico – $25

Mozzarella, tomato sauce, hot salami, capsicum and blue cheese. Bacon and tomato sauce on top

Antica – $25

Mozzarella base, meat mix (chicken, lamb, pork, beef), hot salami, bacon, pesto (capsicum, garlic, parsley) and a hint of bbq sauce on top.

Desserts Price Menu

Affogato – $8

Panna Cotta – $7

Tiramisu’ – $7

Dessert Pizza – $15

Nutella, strawberry and cream

Fruit salad – $12

served with yogurt or vanilla ice cream

Milk Shake – $7

Vanilla or chocolate ice cream

Smoothies – $7

Beverage Price


$5 per bottle of wine or six pack of beer $3 per Beer bottle

Fanta – $4

Sprite – $4

Coca Cola – $4

Diet Coke – $4

Coke Zero – $4

Iced Tea – $5.50

Coconut Water – $4

Orange/Apple Juice – $4

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 1l – $6

San Pellegrino Sparkilng water 500ml – $4

Lemon lime bitter – $4

Ginger beer – $4

Spring water – $3

Selection of hot teas and coffees

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Freo Pizza Factory Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 5:00 PM – till late
Wednesday 5:00 PM – till late
Thursday 5:00 PM – till late
Friday 5:00 PM – till late
Saturday 5:00 PM – till late
Sunday 12:00 PM – till late

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Freo Pizza Factory Menu
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Nita Mahida

Absolutely love this place!!! The staff and owners are so lovely and the pizza is amazing every single time!!!