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Lobster Restaurant
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 1 reviews
 by John Cosmina

Very nice food and really great service. Very personable was our waitress. Recommend it.

Lobster Restaurant Menu store hours

Phone: 03 9589 6329

Website: http://lobstercave.com.au/

Head Office address: 16-18 North Concourse Beaumaris VIC, 3193

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Lobster Cave is the place to be. Established in 1987, we are reputed as the best seafood restaurant in Melbourne. The Cave Club is an exclusive customer loyalty membership offering members an array of privileges, incentives and unique offers.

Here are the latest Lobster Restaurant menu prices in Australia, Discover everything Lobster Restaurant has on offer

Lobster Restaurant Main Menu With Price

Entrée Menu with Price

New England style seafood chowder – $25.90

creamy, medley of crustaceans, prawn toast

Whole butterflied Western Australian scampi – $34.90

seared, vodka, yuzu butter

Crispy South Australian baby calamari – $27.90

radish and cabbage slaw, five spice, sweet chilli

Southern Rock Lobster bisque – $29.90

velvety smooth, prawn toast

Tasmanian Spring Bay mussels – $29.90

steamed,reef blond sauce, Belgium lager, tarragon, saffron, shallots

Western Australian scampi in two toned pappardelle – $30.90

spicy prawn oil, chilli, garlic, parsley, dill

Western Australia Shark Bay scallops – $27.90

cauliflower puree, lemon, fresh herbs

Prawn risotto – $29.90

aromatic spiced arborio rice, coconut cream

Salt and pepper cauliflower – $25.90

smoked almonds, capers, parsley puree (v)

Hand made parsley linguini – $25.90

roasted pine nuts, basil mint pesto, grana padano (v)

Tempura vegetables – $25.90

kimchi, five spice, sweet chilli sauce (v)

Large Plates for One Menu

Ferg Burger – $109.90

Whole Canadian lobster, eye fillet, coconut prawns, scampi, chilli squid, potato gratin, mustard relish, dill, lemon butter

Ferginator – $109.90

Whole Canadian lobster, half barbequed chicken, prawns, Kilpatrick oysters, potato gratin

Queensland wild barramundi and poached scampi – $69.90

pan seared, citrus beurre blanc South Australian Hiramasa kingfish fillet and seared

Western Australian scallops – $69.90

oven roasted, shallots, garlic, tomato, olives, anchovy butter

BBQ corn fed chicken and Australian tiger prawns – $59.90

half boned, coated in macadamias, herb crust, creamy sauce

Beer battered local blue eye fillets – $55.90

mashed peas, cabbage and parmesan salad, rustic tartare, lemon

Seafood marinara tossed in two tone pappardelle – $99.90

lobster, calamari, Shark Bay half shell scallops, Western Australian scampi, Moreton Bay bug, king prawn, jumbo oyster, fennel, truffle oil

Fisherman’s feast – $99.90

coconut lobster, beer battered blue eye fillets, crumbed prawn cutlets, salt and pepper scampi, panko scallops and chilli calamari

Ferg n’ Turf – $99.90

200g wagyu sirloin marble 9+, whole Canadian grilled lobster

Seafood grill – $99.90

Canadian lobster, barramundi, scallops, prawns, kohlrabi salad (lg)

Wild mushroom risotto – $39.90

field and forest mushrooms, hint of truffle oil (v)

Gorgonzola filled pumpkin gnocchi – $39.90

blue vein, sundried tomato pesto, parsley, cream (v)

The Grill Menu Price

Upgrade your experience

Flame grilled lobster tail – $29.90

Extra-large BBQ chilli prawn – $15.90

Panko crumbed whole scampi – $17.90

Tomahawk rib on the bone 1kg – $99.90

potato gratin, kampot pepper, porcini jus Best enjoyed medium – 50 minutes preparation

Scotch fillet 400gm – $69.90

cauliflower puree, sautéed leek and cabbage, cabernet jus

Eye fillet 300gm – $69.90

mushroom duxelles, honey glazed carrots, parsnips, Texan BBQ baste

Porterhouse 400gm – $59.90

sautéed cabbage, potato puree, mustard relish, peppered rosemary oil

Wagyu sirloin 200gm – $89.90

Stanbroke Queensland wagyu marble score 9+ served medium young potatoes, anchovy and herb butter and a trio of condiments mustard relish, veal jus, pickled vegetables.

On the Side Menu

Complimentary crunchy garlic and rosemary chips with every side purchased

All – $19.90

Eggplant chips crumbed with warm skordalia

Cauliflower gratin béchamel, shaved grana padano

Wok fried vegetables pine nuts, evoo, dukkah spices

Wild forest mushrooms garlic yogurt, burnt butter

Potato and truffle oil mash oak smoked sea salt and rosemary

Grilled broccolini anchovy dressing, macadamia, chilli, feta

Fig, pistachio and blue cheese salad garlic croutons, sharp sherry vinaigrette

Santorini cucumber, cherry tomatoes, barrel aged feta, olives, capers, lemon oil

Raw salad broccoli and cauli, fennel, pine nuts, currants, parmesan, apple balsamic

Ferg’s salad rocket, feta, beetroot, fennel, caramelised walnuts, pistachio dressing

Sweet Finish Price Menu

Bombe Alaska

Saint James rum, muscatel ice cream finished with Italian meringue – $20.90

Chocolate lovers – $20.90

nutella hazelnut parfait, white chocolate shards, dark chocolate ganache and soil

Vanilla crème brulee – $18.90

chocolate biscotti, cherries (lg on request)

Baileys and Tia Maria mousse – $19.90

white chocolate, wild mixed berry compote

Vegan gelato – $18.90

chocolate with ginger caramel

New York baked cheesecake – $19.90

passionfruit fruit syrup

Chocolate volcano – $19.90

molten lava, banana ice-cream

Classic tiramisu – $18.90

espresso and Kahlua soaked savoiardi biscuit

Grand deluxe tastes – $79.90 four

Bombe Alaska, New York baked cheesecake, chocolate lovers, vanilla crème brulee, espresso ice cream

Cheese selection – $28.90

Danish blue cheese – sharp flavour with a rich buttery finish

French brie – creamy and mild

English truffle cheddar – rich and soft with strong truffle, fig syrup toast

Fancy a Dessert Cocktail Menu and Price

Chocolate Fudge

a delectable treat, Belgium chocolate liquor, Baileys, chocolate syrup, brownie – $17.90

The Wicker Man

bonfire from Summer Isles, dessert wine, whiskey, Amaretto, honey, smoke – $17.90

Owl Eyes

double espresso, shaken hazelnut liquor and Kahlua, espresso ice cream – $18.90

Pink Float

French champagne poured over strawberry champagne sorbet, rosemary – $19.90

Celebrations Menu with Price

Three courses lunch or dinner – $109.90pp

Entrée, Half Lobster for Main and Dessert – $169.90pp

Entrée Menu

Spiced cured kingfish and scallops house pickles

Classic lobster bisque prawn toast

Shark Bay half shell scallops mornay three cheese sauce

Spicy mussels and saffron stew grilled calamari and scallops, garlic yogurt

Cured Tasmanian salmon oak smoked, warm citrus potatoes, tomato, dill, capers

New England style seafood chowder creamy medley of crustaceans, prawn toast

Spencer Gulf king prawn cocktail served whole, cucumber, macadamia, vinaigrette

Crispy South Australian baby calamari radish slaw, five spice, sweet chilli

Main Menu

King prawns with fettuccine goat’s cheese, burnt butter, raisins and pine nuts

Spencer Gulf garlic king prawns olive oil, parsley, chardonnay sauce

Steak and prawns eye fillet medallions, seared tiger prawns, pepper mushroom

Seafood marinara prawns, scallops, squid, fish of day Napoli, two tone pappardelle

Reef and Beef 400 gram porterhouse, grilled Canadian lobster, mash, jus

Trifecta whole baked Canadian lobster, coconut prawn cutlets, lemon pepper squid

Chimichurri half boned chicken prawns chermoula peas & pickled vegetables

Surf and Turf whole Canadian lobster, eye fillet (med), tempura prawn, S&P squid

Beer battered blue eye rustic tartare, rocket and parmesan salad

Dessert Menu

Banoffee tart rich caramel

Chocolate molten lava volcano banana ice cream

Tiramisu classic espresso and Kahlua soaked savoiardi biscuit

New York Baked Cheesecake passionfruit fruit syrup

Cheese selection traditional condiments

Connoisseur Menu

Three courses – $74.90pp

Entrée and Main – $64.90pp

Main and Dessert – $54.90pp


Wagyu bolognaise hand cut spinach fettuccine

Salt and pepper calamari carrot, cabbage and radish slaw

Sicilian steamed black mussels tomato, basil and chilli salsa

Whole Crystal Bay soft shell prawns crispy fried, chilli jam

Prawns, mussels, calamari and fresh fish fettuccine spicy prawn oil, parsley

Smoked salmon & Asian papaya salad kaffir, lime, chilli, coriander

Gorgonzola filled pumpkin gnocchi blue vein, sundried tomato pesto, sage

Surf and Turf risotto lobster medallions, eye fillet (served medium)


Whole crispy barramundi sweet chilli glaze

BBQ prawns grilled, lemon, chilli, butter, oregano and braised rice

Golden fried catch prawns, blue eye fillet, salt and pepper calamari, lemon

Steak frites eye fillet medallions (medium), pepper mushroom sauce, chips

Macadamia Crusted Malibu chicken breast herb crust, rich & creamy

Mussels saganaki white wine, crumbled feta, thyme, garlic tomatoes

Perfect match eye fillet medallion (medium), half grilled lobster, buttery mash, jus

Beer battered cod rocket and parmesan salad, lemon


Liquorice ice cream homemade, caramelised figs

Vanilla crème brulee poached sour cherries, walnut praline

Cinnamon and vanilla ice cream Irish cream, Anglaise

Baileys and Tia Maria mousse white chocolate, wild mixed berry compote

Cheese selection traditional condiments

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Lobster Restaurant Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 5:30–11 pm
Thursday 5:30–11 pm
Friday 12–3 pm – 5:30–11 pm
Saturday 5:30–11 pm
Sunday 12–3 pm – 5:30–11 pm

Lobster Restaurant Coupons

The Cave Club is an exclusive customer loyalty membership offering members an array of privileges, incentives and unique offers.

Lobster Coupons Lobster Restaurant Coupons





Club Benefits:

Dine Free On Your Birthday
Complimentary Premium Wines
Half Price Liquor Reserve Collection
Half Price Dessert Platter
Complimentary Dessert Platter On Your Anniversary

Lobster Restaurant Functions


Anniversary work venue in Melbourne
Is that particular day coming up for both of you, and you’re on the lookout for an appropriate location to host your anniversary work in Melbourne? Our distinctive restaurant, in addition to our tasty menu, will permit you to host an anniversary celebration in Melbourne which will permit you to discuss your lifelong, unforgettable encounter with each other.


Birthday celebrations in Melbourne
Is the very special day arriving shortly? Or somebody else that you understand? Why not treat them to a memorable night in the Lobster Cave at Melbourne? We have hosted several unique birthday parties because our beginning in 1987, and we attempt to make the nighttime that nobody will forget! We guarantee that everything on your birthday celebration, from the beverages to the food , will be an adventure unlike any other you have ever needed.

Business lunch place in Melbourne

We have got all your requirements for a company lunch in Melbourne coated in the Lobster Cave. We have made each and each of them a particular event, and are excited about creating your organization lunch equally as amazing.

The best place to have your company lunch in Melbourne
Our experience lies in providing the best seafood for company meetings, and creating your company lunch at Melbourne one which leaves a feeling. We’ve hosted several small business lunch events over the travel, which makes every one just as unforgettable as the past.

Using a fully stocked bar, hosting a few of the best rare perfumes and drinks on the planet, we have got your company lunch coated. Our team will be on hand to ensure everything works smoothly, and we are more than pleased to assist in any way we could.

We Understand How to throw a company lunch
Our restaurant was designed to be as adaptable as possible, enabling us to cater for your company lunch as readily as possible.

Product Launch

Trying to find the right product launching place in Melbourne to host your corporate occasion magnificent? In the Lobster Cave, we will have the ability to produce your product launch you to remember with our famous seafood cuisine. Several have made great use of the restaurant for a product launching venue, and we are all set to make yours unique.

Establish Your Goods in fashion

We have made our product launching place in Melbourne to appeal for all sorts of corporate events at a sensational way. From ceiling to the ground, we have fine tuned everything to promote a positive, lively atmosphere, in addition to having an eye popping merchandise launching place!

Catering Lobster Restaurant Menu

Enjoy Our Premium Party Catering Selection Melbourne

Make any party a roaring success with our assortment of catering choices. We are currently offering our assortment of exquisite dining and seafood delicacies in a range of food packages for almost any function. Wherever you’re in Melbourne our celebration catering will entice and meet your visitors!

Everyone in your upcoming function is going to be delighted by our amazing gourmet meal catering to Melbourne and outside. Whether you are stuck trying to locate birthday catering at Melbourne or surrounding suburbs, then get in contact with our specialist party catering service now.

Looking for the best caterers in Melbourne?

Look no Farther Compared to Lobster Cave.
We all know planning any type of occasion is a large endeavor. When it is a enormous child’s birthday celebration, private dinner or business occasion, it could get stressful going through all the various finger and party food catering firms in Melbourne.

In Lobster Cave we will be able to help you discover the appropriate catering packages to fit your occasion. Formal or casual, with lots or a romantic group of guests, no order is too complex for our committed Melbourne celebration catering staff. A number of the various catering options that we supply sailors will comprise:

  • Finger food catering
  • Birthday catering
  • Wedding catering
  • Corporate catering
  • Party catering

Wherever you are hosting the big event, you will have the ability to indulge in our restaurant quality foods. Our chefs use only the best ingredients to create our magnificent catering menu choices.

You will be spoilt for choice with our assortment of finger foods, main meals and desserts that are decadent. Speak to one of our friendly staff members now. We provide fermented and vegetarian alternatives to accommodate you and your party guests.

Sample Cocktail Party Menu Items

Cold Selection

  • Crisp rosemary lavosh with goat’s curd, smoked salmon and snipped chives
  • Peri peri chicken on Spanish omelette with fried leeks
  • Caramelised onion, blue cheese and thyme tartlets
  • Crumbed haloumi chips with Za’atar yoghurt
  • Mini prawn cocktail cups with homemade cocktail sauce
  • Garlic croutons with roast beef, sundried tomatoes and olive tapenade
  • Zucchini fritters with smoked chicken

Hot Selection

  • Spanish style chorizo empanadas
  • Duck and vegetable cigars
  • Pulled pork with smoked chipotle drizzle in a mini Vienna roll
  • Mini fish and chip cones with tartare sauce
  • Dukkah spiced chicken breast strips with Harissa mayonnaise
  • Steamed scallop dumplings with chilli, ginger and pickled carrot
  • Lemon and poppy seed crumbed scallops with wasabi mayonnaise
  • Mini gourmet beef burgers with tomato relish and sesame bun
  • Homemade duck pithivier with star anise and red wine
  • Steamed coconut buns

From the Barbecue

  • Prawn skewers with lemon, basil and garlic
  • Eye fillet medallions with salsa verde and roasted pine nuts
  • Lamb kofta skewers with herb and garlic yoghurt
  • Barbecued calamari skewers with gremolata

Something Sweet

A tempting assortment of sweet treats and dessert minis incorporating:

  • Mini chocolate dipped profiteroles
  • Red velvet layer cake
  • Mini vanilla slice
  • Orange syrup cake
  • Mini salted caramel doughnuts
  • Assorted mini tarts
  • Fluffy petite Pavlova with cream and strawberries
  • Double chocolate-dipped strawberries

People’s questions about Lobster Restaurant Menu

How much is lobster in a restaurant?

Even when the price per pound of lobster goes down at the docks, the prices we pay in restaurants stay high. The situation seems intractable: A “reasonable” lobster dinner in a big city is one of the most expensive menu items, ranging from $30 to $45 for a lobster weighing 1 to 1 1/2 pounds.

How much does a seafood platter cost?

Depends on size platter, Giant is about $60, feeds four, Half about $30. Combo seafood platter is about $20.

Why lobster is expensive?

The crustacean is regarded as—and marketed by restaurants as if it were—a luxury good, yet huge lobster harvests (believed to be a result of global warming) have glutted the market, resulting in prices as low as $2.20 a pound off the boat.

Did prisoners eat lobster?

Lobster was also commonly served in prisons, much to the displeasure of inmates. American lobster was initially deemed worthy only of being used as fertilizer or fish bait, and until well into the 20th century, it was not viewed as more than a low-priced canned staple food.

About Lobster Restaurant

If you’re interested in a fantastic fish restaurant in Bayside, Melbourne afterward Lobster Cave is the place to be. Launched in 1987, we’re reputed as the best fish restaurant in Melbourne.

Recently sourcedour culinary platters- make it Mooloolaba complete jumbo king prawns, buttery Moreton Bay bugs, Clyde River Grande Pacific oysters, or jumbo W.A. scampi – observe the abundance of new excellent fish Australia has to offer you.

Loaded with flavour and freshness you may have the best caliber of Bayside dining room in Melbourne.

Be spoilt for choice with our distinctive choice of 5-star restaurants of this sea along with a generous choice of wines and java.

In addition, we carry a choice of yummy choices just if you have dietary restrictions.


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Lobster Restaurant
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by John Cosmina

Very nice food and really great service. Very personable was our waitress. Recommend it.