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Marcella Cafe
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Food was really good, staff were friendly and efficient and the prices are really reasonable.

Marcella Cafe Menu store hours

Phone: (03) 9380 6311


Head Office address: 246 Sydney Rd BRUNSWICK VIC 3056

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Conveniently nestled in Sydney Road, Brunswick, Cafe Marcella is a newly renovated restaurant and coffee shop that has a passion for traditional and modern European cuisine.

Here are the latest Marcella Cafe menu prices in Australia, Discover everything Marcella Cafe has on offer

Marcella Cafe Main Menu With Price

Entree Price Menu

Garlic Bread (4) – $6.50

Herb & Olive Bread (3) – $6.50

Bowl of Chips – $7.00

Bruschetta – $7.50

Fresh tomatoes, Spanish onions, basil, feta and drizzled with balsamic glaze 

Steamed Vegetables – $8.50

Chicken Winglets – $8.50

Fried chicken winglets served with lettuce and sweet chili sauce.

Potato Wedges – $10.50

Served with sweet chili sauce and sour cream.

Stuffed Mushroom – $10.50

With seasonal vegetables topped with parmesan cheese.

Soup of the Day – $10.50

Served with ciabatta bread.

Eggplant Chips – $10.25

Parmesan crumbed with homemade aioli.

Spanish Chicken Skewers – $12.50

Drizzled with garlic oil and balsamic glaze.

Arancini balls (3) – $12.50

Arborio rice filled with sundried tomato and bocconcini served with Napoli sauce.

Trio of Dips – $15.50

Chef‘s selection of 3 dips served with toasted ciabatta bread.

Lemon pepper calamari salad – $16.50

Served on mixed salad with homemade aioli.

Chilli Mussels – $20.50

Mussels cooked in chilli garlic white wine sauce served with garlic bread.

Mains Menu

Chicken Schnitzel – $22.50

Served with chips and salad.

Chicken Parmigiana – $24.50

Crumbed chicken fillet topped with Napoli sauce and grilled mozzarella cheese served with chips and salad.

Scaloppine Funghi – $27.50

Pan fried baby veal in white wine, sage, cream, mushrooms served with vegetables and roasted potato.

Pasta Menu with Price

Choice of Gnocchi, Fettuccine, Penne, Spaghetti & Linguine.

Napolitana – Pasta – $17.50

A traditional Italian slow cooked tomato sauce.

Bolognese – $18.50

A traditional Italian beef mince sauce.

Amatriciana – $18.50

Bacon, chilli, roasted capsicum and spring onion in a Napoli sauce.

Carbonara – $18.50

Bacon tossed with cream, egg, parmesan cheese and spring onion.

Gorgonzola – $18.50

Onions, garlic, mushroom and spinach in creamy gorgonzola sauce.

Chicken and Avocado – $18.50

Chicken and onion, served in a creamy sauce with avocado.

Pollo Fungi – $18.50

Chicken, onion and mushroom in a Napoli sauce.

Spinachio – $18.50

Onion, spinach and pine nuts in a creamy pesto sauce.

Lasagne – $18.50

Layers of pasta with cheese and Bolognese sauce topped with Béchamel.

Marinara – Pasta – $22.50

The finest selection of seafood served in a Napoli sauce.

Crab – $22.50

Blue swimmer crab meat, sundried tomato, red capsicum, chilli and rocket.

Risotto all Price Menu

Primavera Risotto – $18.50

Onion, garlic, zucchini, eggplant, roasted capsicum, mushroom and spinach in a cream and Napoli sauce.

Chicken and Mushroom – $18.50

Onion, garlic, chicken and mushroom in a creamy pesto sauce.

Marinara Risotto – $22.50

Finest selection of seafood cooked in a Napoli sauce.

Duck Risotto – $22.50

Braised duck slow-cooked in red wine duck jus.

Salads Menu and Price

Garden Salad – $13.50

Salad mix, tomato, cucumber, olives, red onions & carrot.

Greek Salad – $15.50

Salad mix, tomato, cucumber, olives, red onions, feta cheese and oregano.

Traditional Pizza Menu & Price

Garlic and Herb Pizza

Garlic and herb with mozzarella cheese.

Small – $8.50
Large – $13.50


Garlic and mozzarella cheese embedded between two layers of pizza pastry.

Large – $16.50
Small – $11.50


Tomato, cheese and oregano.

Large – $16.50
Small – $11.50

Napolitana – Traditional Pizza

Tomato, cheese, anchovies, olives and oregano.

Small – $12.50
Large – $17.50


Tomato, cheese, ham, bacon and egg.

Large – $17.50
Small – $12.50


Tomato, cheese, ham and pineapples.

Small – $12.50
Large – $17.50


Tomato, cheese, ham, mushroom and olives.

Small – $12.50
Large – $17.50


Tomato, cheese and hot salami.

Small – $12.50
Large – $17.50


Tomato, cheese, mushroom, capsicum, onion and olives.

Small – $12.50
Large – $17.50


Tomato, cheese and mushroom and oregano.

Small – $12.50
Large – $17.50


Tomato, cheese, hot salami, capsicum, olives and chilli.

Small – $13.00
Large – $18.00


Tomato, cheese, ham, mushroom, salami, capsicum and olives.

Small – $13.00
Large – $18.00

Red Devil

Tomato, cheese, hot salami, mushroom, chilli and anchovies.

Small – $13.00
Large – $18.00

Marinara – Traditional Pizza

Tomato, cheese, seafood mix, garlic, anchovies and olives.

Small – $13.50
Large – $18.50

The Lot

Tomato, cheese, ham, mushroom, capsicum, hot salami, olives, onions, pineapple and shrimps

Small – $13.50
Large – $18.50

Gourmet Pizza Price Menu

Gourmet Vegetarian

Tomato, cheese, grilled eggplant, zucchini, roasted capsicum,onion and broccoli.

Small – $14.50
Large – $19.50

BBQ Chicken

Tomato, cheese, chicken, mushroom, onions and pineapple with BBQ sauce.

Small – $14.50
Large – $19.50

Meat Lover

Tomato, cheese, ham, hot salami, bacon and chicken.

Small – $14.50
Large – $19.50

Smoked Salmon

Tomato, cheese, smoked salmon, capers, onions and spinach.

Small – $14.50
Large – $19.50

Goat Cheese

Tomato, cheese, caramelized onions, roasted capsicum, eggplant, zucchini and goat cheese.

Small – $14.50
Large – $19.50

Tandoori Chicken

Tomato, cheese, spinach, chicken, onions, pineapple topped with yoghurt dressing.

Small – $14.50
Large – $19.50

Pumpkin and Goat Cheese

Tomato, cheese, spinach, caramelized onions, roasted pumpkin goat cheese and pine nut.

Small – $14.50
Large – $19.50

Marcella ‘s Pizza

Tomato, cheese, Italian sausage, mushroom, onions, roasted capsicum and sundried tomato.

Small – $14.50
Large – $19.50


Tomato, cheese, caramelized onions topped with fresh tomato, prosciutto and basil oil.

Small – $15.50
Large – $20.50

Chilli Prawns

Tomato, cheese, onions, garlic, chilli, prawns, spinach, coriander and shaved parmesan cheese.

Small – $15.50
Large – $20.50

Desserts Menu Price

Mixed Gelati – $7.50

Three scoops of gelati.

Cakes – $8.50

Served with ice cream and whipped cream.

Chocolate Mousse – $10.50

Served with grated chocolate and whipped cream.

Tiramisu – $10.50

Served with grated chocolate and whipped cream.

Nutella Pizza – $12.50

Served with fresh Strawberries.

Spanish Churros – $12.50

Served with warm chocolate sauce and strawberries.

Beverage Menu with Price

Soft Drinks (375ml can) – $3.00

Juice (350ml bottle) – $4.00

Soft Drinks (Bundaberg) – $4.00

Soft Drinks (1.25l Bottle) – $5.00

Local Beer

Cascade Premium Light

1 Pc – $6.50

Victoria Bitter

6 pack – $32.00

1 Pc – $6.50

James Boag

1 Pc – $7.50

Imported Beer


6 pack – $38.00

1 Pc – $8.00


1 Pc – $8.00


1 Pc – $8.00

Crafted Beer & Ciders

Strong Bow Classic Apple Cider – $7.50

Cooper Sparkling Ale – $7.50

Little Creature Pale Ale – $8.50

Sparkling Wine

Charles Pelletier Blanc de Blanc

Burgundy, France – $36.00

White Wine

Angove Chalk Hill Blue Moscato – $32.00

Mondiale Sauvignon Blanc – $36.00

Twelve Signs Chardonnay – $36.00

Red Wine

Water Wheel Memsie Shiraz – $36.00

Paladino Sangiovese – $36.00

Twelve Signs Cabernet Merlot – $36.00

Marcella Cafe Near Me Locations

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Marcella Cafe Hours

Monday  11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Tuesday  11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Wednesday  11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Thursday  11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Friday  11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Saturday  11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sunday  11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Marcella Cafe Coupons

Marcella Cafe Bistro

10% Off Total Bill

Marcella Cafe Bistro is a cafe in Brunswick, VIC. Students get 10% off their bill.

How do I get this discount? Simply show your ISIC to get 10% off your bill at Marcella Cafe Bistro.

Marcella Cafe Delivery

Food Delivery

Cafe Marcella offers food delivery services to make your life easier. If you are ill or stuck with urgent work and can’t go out to buy food, we can deliver European or Asian food right to your home or office.

All meals are prepared and cooked by our chefs and delivered fresh and warm.

Pizza Delivery

Wide Selection of Dishes for Delivery

At Cafe Marcella, you can find delectable dishes prepared using traditional recipes that come all the way from Europe and Asia.

Whether you want soup, eggplant chips, grilled chicken, rice or pasta, we can satisfy your cravings!

Our specialities range from seafood platters, chicken fajitas to primavera risotto and Greek salad.

Italian Cuisine


Cafe Marcella is the local pizzeria to visit when you are craving a margherita or capricioza pizza. Experience exemplary service, quality meals, and a wide range of pizzas!

A Wide Range of Pizzas

Cafe Marcella prepares a wide range of home-made pizzas with fresh ingredients from the local market.

Traditional Pizza

Made Traditional Pizzas

If you are craving fresh pizzas made with your favourite toppings, join us for lunch or dinner!

They also serve a range of Asian and European dishes, refreshing beverages and excellent wines. There warm and welcoming venue that accommodates customers of all ages and tastes.

Traditional Range of Pizzas

From the classic and simple margherita to the more elaborate quattro stagioni, Cafe Marcella offers a wide range of traditional pizzas.

Making, preparing and baking a pizza is an art defined by the quantity and quality of toppings the pizzaiolo decides to add.

Lunch Restaurant

Perfect Lunch Restaurant

If you are looking for a great spot for lunch, visit Cafe Marcella! We have the perfect setting for lunch with a rich and flavoursome menu.

There chefs prepare home-made pasta, sauces, salads and pizzas for a hearty lunch. They pride ourselves on great food, top-quality service and friendly staff.

Cafe Restaurant

Cafe Marcella offers a wide range of delicious food for a quick bite or lengthy meal. Drop by our restaurant for lunch and taste some of the zestiest European dishes in the area!

Be it lasagna, spaghetti with meatballs or Asian noodles and soup, everything is nutritiously prepared to satisfy your cravings.

Coffee Shop

A Cup of Hot Coffee

Discover Cafe Marcella, a coffee shop that serves hot beverages and traditional European dishes. They offer a wide range of hot drinks, including:

Hot chocolate

Gourmet Cakes and Pastries

Explore the world of delicious coffee and cakes! Cafe Marcella has a variety of gourmet cakes and sweet treats for everyone.

Restaurant & Coffee Shop in Brunswick

Welcome to Cafe Marcella, there family restaurant in Brunswick.

They serve a variety of delicious and traditional foods including Italian, European and Asian.

There Exquisite Variety of Cuisines

Visit there restaurant and experience the many flavours of our exquisite fusion of European and Asian cuisines coupled with fine wines. They pride ourselves on great food, quality service and there friendly staff.

At Cafe Marcella, there menu is filled with a wide array of affordable and traditional European dishes made using authentic recipes.

If you’re looking for fine dining in a cosy surrounding, step into there coffee shop and restaurant for delectable European delicacies!

About Marcella Cafe

Conveniently nestled in Sydney Road, Brunswick, Cafe Marcella is a newly renovated restaurant and coffee shop that has a passion for traditional and modern European cuisine.

As a specialist in Italian dishes, they offer a variety of pizzas and pastas, such as bolognese and calabrese. You can also experience our authentic European and Asian cuisines that are carefully prepared using fresh ingredients.

They can host up to 100 people in our beautifully decorated space for coffee, lunch and dinner. There staff welcomes you with a big smile to there friendly atmosphere, where you can sit, relax and enjoy great food.


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Marcella Cafe
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by John Brown

Food was really good, staff were friendly and efficient and the prices are really reasonable.