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Nasi Lemak
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Fantastic food, friendly, helpful and efficient staff...we will definitely be returning to Nasi Lemak Korner

Nasi Lemak Restaurant Menu store hours

Phone: (08) 9367 9925


Head Office address: 18 Preston Street Como WA 6152

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They are a local WA family owned restaurant who aim to bring their passion and love for Malaysian food to our fellow Perthies. There priorities are to ensure that they have a fantastic team who are able to meet the needs of there most valued patrons who in turn find enough value in their experience to return and tell their friends about it.

Here are the latest Nasi Lemak Restaurants menu prices in Australia, Discover everything Nasi Lemak Restaurants has on offer

Nasi Lemak Restaurants Main Menu With Price

Entree Menu With Price

Spring Rolls – A$6.00

Vegetarian Spring Rolls, With Shredded Carrot, Bean Sprouts, And Other Seasonal Vegetables, Served With Homemade Chilli Dipping Sauce

Cucur Udang – A$9.00

Tasty Prawn And Chive Fritters, Served With A Spicy Chilli Dip

Calamari Chili Salad – A$12.00

A Tasty Salad With Fresh Flavours That Pairs Well With Its Star Seafood Ingredient

Satay Chicken/beef – A$10.00

Tender Pieces Of Lean Chicken/beef, Marinated In A Blend Of Herbs And Spices And Grilled, Served With Cucumber, Cubed Onions And Homemade Peanut Sauce

Kerabu Salad – A$8.00

A Colourful Malaysian Salad Consisting Of Shredded Coconut, Shrimps, Chillies, Bean Sprouts And Green Apple, Tossed Into A Fresh, Zesty Calamansi Juice With Herbs For A Sweet, Sour And Spicy Sensation

Tasting Plate – A$28.00

A Perfect Entree To Share, With Sticks Of Chicken And Beef Satay, Spring Rolls, Cucur Udang, Tuna Cutlets And A Kerabu Salad Garnish

Tuna Cutlets – A$8.00

An Eurasian Recipe Made With Potatoes, Shallots, Spring Onions And Chillies. Served With A Spicy Dipping Sauce, That Makes It A Perfect Starter To Any Meal

Pipi Clams – A$12.00

Pipi Clams Stir Fried With Chillies, Garlic And Lemongrass For A Burst Of Flavour. Served With Crusty Bread So You Can Enjoy Soaking Up The Broth

Pasembur – A$28.00

Battered Soft Shell Crabs, Prawns, Chive Fritters, Egg And Tofu In A Spicy Homemade Sauce, Served With Mixed Salad

Tumeric Mussels – A$12.00

A Beautiful Dish Consisting Of Mussels Served In A Fragrant Turmeric Broth.

Sup Ekora – $12.00

Malaysian Style Oxtail Soup Served With Crusty Bread

Vegetarian Price Menu

Veggie Platter – A$22.00

A Vegetarian Friendly Platter With Spring Rolls, Veggie Parcels, Croquettes, Salad And Vegetable Fritters

Sweet Potato Noodles – A$12.00

Delicious Sweet Potato Noodles Spiced Up And Fried Up For Your Enjoyment

Sambal Tauhu Tempe – A$16.00

A Protein Packed Malaysian Vegetarian Dish Made Of Soya Bean Cake, Fermented Soya Bean Cake And Green Beans Served With Rice

Kari Sayur – A$16.00

A Flavourful Malaysian Curry Made With Vegetables And Coconut Milk

Mixed Vegetable Dhal – A$16.00

A Mild And Nutritious Vegetarian Curry Made From Lentils, Tomatoes, And Spices Served With Chickpeas And A Medley Of Seasonal Vegetables. A Perfect Meal To Enjoy With Rice And Papadums

Street Favourites All Price Menu

Sambal Ayam – A$16.00

Chicken Cooked In Our House Signature Gravy

Beef Rendang – A$19.50

Tender Pieces Of Choice Beef, Slow Cooked And Simmered In Coconut Milk And Spices For A Tasty Concoction.

Chicken Nyonya Curry – A$18.00

Chicken FIllet And Potatoes Cooked Using A Traditional Malaysian Recipe For A Delicious Classic That Never Goes Out Of Style

Daging Masak Kicap – A$17.00

A Popular Malay Favourite Of Beef And Potatoes Cooked With Pepper,shallots, Garlic,chillies And Dark Soy Sauce

Nasi Goreng – A$14.00

An All Time Favorite Of The Malaysian Fried Rice With *vegetarian Or Seafood Or Chicken Options Available

Nasi Goreng Pattaya – A$17.00

An All Time Favorite Of The Malaysian Fried Rice Wrapped With Eggs *vegetarian Or Seafood Or Chicken Options Available

Pineapple Fish Sambal – A$18.00

Fish Served With A Spicy Pineapple Sambal With A Side Of Pickled Vegetables

Lamb Curry – A$17.00

Slow Cooked Indian Style Malaysian Lamb Curry That Is Packed Full Of Flavour.

Sayur Lodeh Nlk – A$16.00

A Malay Style Vegetable Curry Made With Mixed Vegetables And Coconut Milk. Pairs Very Well With Rice And Some Sambal.

Fish Curry – A$18.00

Tamarind Fish Curry Cooked With Eggplant And Seasonal Vegetables

Malaysian Buttermilk Chicken – A$17.00

Creamy And Spicy At The Same Time, This Is A Simply Delicious Malaysian Favourite That Has To Be Experienced.

Terung Masak Lemak – A$16.00

Eggplant Served In A Creamy, Tasty Coconut Milk Broth.

Nasi Goreng Bali – A$17.50

A Balinese Style Fried Rice Served With Lamb Satay

Chili Chicken Dry Fry – A$16.00

Diced Chicken Dry Fried In A Mixture Of Blended Child Paste, Garlic And Curry Leaves Until All The Flavours Are Absobed Into The Meat

Rubi’s Pandan Chicken – A$17.00

A Family Recipe That Yields Aromatic, Succulent Pieces Of Pandan Flavoured Chicken That Is Both Savoury And Satisfying

Nasi Kerabu – A$17.00

A Malay Rice Dish Served With Fried Chicken, Crackers, Kerabu Salad, Pickles And Salted Egg. The Nlk Version Is Served With A Trio Of Different Flavoured Rice Including Blue Pea Flower Rice, Turmeric Rice And Santan Rice.

Beef Garing – A$16.00

Chunks Of Beef Are Fried In A Mixture Of Chili, Onion And Spices To Create This Eurasian Malaysian Favourite.

Potato Curry – A$16.00

A Decadent Potato Option For Curry Lovers

Noodles Menu Price

Bihun Goreng – A$14.00

Tasty Stir Fried Rice Noodles, Have It With Our Complimentary Sambal, In True Malaysian Style.

Mee Goreng Mamak – A$14.00

Penang Style Fried Noodles With Squid Strips, Egg And Potatoes

Char Kway Teow – A$14.00

Wok Tossed Rice Cake Strips Served With Fish Cakes, Prawn, Chicken And Bean Sprouts.

Laksa Nyonya – A$17.00

Rich, Creamy Spicy Soup Stock Flavoured With Coconut Milk, Chillies, Dried Shrimp And Topped Off With A Crowning Glory Of Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab For An Extra Treat

Kuey Teow Sup – A$14.00

A Delicious, Wholesome Winter Warmer Consisting Of Flat Rice Noodles In A Tasty Chicken Broth, With Bean Sprouts, Fried Shallots And A Side Of Cut Chili

Prawnsa – $16.00

Nasi Lemak Menu And Price

Traditional Nasi Lemak – A$12.00

Coconut Flavored Rice Served With Egg, Fried Peanuts And Anchovies With The House Specialty Sambal

Sambal Ayam – $6

Chicken Cooked In A Tasty Spicy Gravy Made Primarily From Locally Grown Wa Chilies

+ayam Goreng – $6

Chicken Marinated In A Mix Of Fragrant Spices And Deep Fried

+beef Rendang – $6

Tender Pieces Of Choice Beef, Slow Cooked And Simmered In Coconut Milk And Spices For A Tasty Concoction

+sambal Sotong – $6

Squid Cooked In Our Signature Sambal Gravy

Beef Garing – $6.00

Chunks Of Beef Are Fried In A Mixture Of Chili, Onions And Spices

Chili Chicken Dry Fried – A$6.00

Diced Chicken Dry Fried In A Mixture Of Blended Chill Paste, Garlic And Curry Leaves

Sides Menu All Price

Nasi Kunyit – A$6.00

Basmati Turmeric Flavored Rice Cooked With Light Butter

Nasi Santan – A$6.00

Jasmine Rice Cooked In Coconut Milk

Nasi Jasmine – A$6.00

Fragrant White Jasmine Rice

Nasi Pandan – A$6.00

Jasmine Rice Cooked With Screwpine Leaves And Coconut Milk

Traditional Dhal – A$6.00

A Mild Curry Made From Dried Lentils Simmered With Herbs And Spices

PapadumA – $3.00

A Thin, Light, And Crisp Disc-shaped Seasoned Dough

Sambal Telur – A$5.00

Fried Hard Boiled Eggs Cooked In Our Signature Sambal Gravy

Ayam Goreng – A$6.00

Chicken Marinated In A Mix Of Fragrant Spices And Deep Fried

Nasi Bunga Talang – A$6.00

Butterly Pea Flower Rice

Nasi Aneka – A$6.00

A Trio Of Nasi Bunga Talang, Nasi Santan And Nasi Kunyit

Roti Price Menu

Canai (2 Pieces) – A$9.00

The Classic Roti That Is A Staple, This Bread Is Served With An Accompaniment Of Dhal And Sambal

Telur/telur Bawang – A$10.00

Egg Is Added To The Original Roti Canai And Served Hot With An Accompaniment Of Dhal And Sambal With An Option Of Adding Sweet Onions

Tisu – A$10.00

This Variety Of Roti Is Paper Thin And Made To Be “Tissue” Like, Crispy And Light, Topped With Condensed Milk And Crunchy Peanuts

Murtabak – A$12.00

Malaysian Roti Stuffed With A Filling Of Your Choice. Chicken Or Beef Or Vegetarian Options Available

Roti S’mores – A$12.00

We Have Put A Malaysian Twist To This Campfire Classic. Marshmellows, Hershey’s Chocolate And Graham Crackers Combine To Make This Decadent Sweet Treat

Roti Aussie – A$12.00

We Took Away The Bun And Added All The Ingredients Of An Aussie Burger Into Our Classic Roti
*recommended With Chicken Curry Or Beef Rendang $6

Dessert Menu

Sago Gula Melaka – A$8.00

Sago Pudding Drizzled With Palm Sugar Served With Chocolate Brownie Crumbs And Vanilla Ice Cream

Drinks – House Specialties Menu With Price

Teh Tarik Hot – A$4.50

Freshly Brewed Malaysian Tea, “Pulled” To Cool It Down Before Serving

Kopi Tarik Hot – A$4.50

Freshly Brewed Traditional Malaysian Coffee, “Pulled” To Cool It Down Before Serving

Three Layered Tea – A$6.00

Freshly Brewed Malaysian Tea Prepared In Layers And Poured Over Ice

Milo – A$4.50

Milo Served Hot Or Cold

Kopi Ais – A$4.50

Freshly Brewed Malaysian Coffee Poured Over Ice

Teh “o” Ice Limau – A$6.00

Freshly Brewed Malaysian Tea Combined With Fresh Lemon Juice And Poured Over Ice

Teh Ais – A$4.50

Freshly Brewed Traditional Malaysian Tea Poured Over Ice

Teh Tarik Madu – A$8.00

Our Signature Teh Tarik Served With Honey And Ice Cream

Nescafe Tarik – A$4.50

Freshly Brewed Nescafe, “Pulled” To Cool It Down Before Serving

Neslo Tarik – A$4.50

Freshly Brewed Nescafe And Milo, “Pulled” To Cool It Down Before Serving

Hot Honey Lemongrass Tea – A$4.50

Hot Chocolate – A$4.00

Hot Honey Lemon – A$4.00

Mocktails Menu All Price

Ychee Ice Blended With Jelly And Soda – A$9.00

Green Apple Juice With Lemongrass, Fresh Lemon And Honey – A$9.00

Tim Tams, Coffee, Milk And Honey Shaken – A$8.00

Sour Cherry, Soda And Fresh Lime Spritzer – A$8.00

Nasi Lemak Restaurants Near Me Locations

Please, search Nasi Lemak Restaurants near me locations from the map below. if you find your near by Nasi Lemak Restaurants location, click on the map shown below and nearest Nasi Lemak Restaurants venue around you will automatically pop up on your map. Also, use this Nasi Lemak Restaurants locator tool to find Nasi Lemak Restaurants near you.

Nasi Lemak Restaurants Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday  05:30 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday  05:30 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday  05:30 am – 9:00 pm
Friday  05:30 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday  05:30 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday  05:30 am – 9:00 pm

Nasi Lemak Restaurants Coupons

Nasi Lemak Korner in Como or Mosman Park! Let this restaurant talk with you their conventional recipes and tastes together with a contemporary twist to leave you wanting more! If dining as two people or more, get $50 to pay for only $25 or $100 to pay for only $49… or venture in as a set of four people or more for $150 to pay for just $69! Accessible dinner seven days per week or two lunch on weekends – get around 3 Scoopons for to return !

Nasi Lemak Restaurants Coupons

Experience authentic Malaysian food in an urban setting with a delicious offer!

Nasi Lemak Korner is enthusiastic about serving up traditional Malaysian favourites, cooked from scratch and created from only the best local ingredients

Enjoy it at both restaurant locations – your choice of Como or Mosman Park!

Nasi Lemak Restaurants Delivery

Is Available To Western Australia Only In And Around Surrounding Suburbs (5km) Of Piara Waters, Como & Mosman Park For $10

Packaged Takeaway

Ready To Go Meals
You Can Get Your Hands On Our Ready To Eat Range Over At Various Spots Around Town.

New Nasi Lemak Restaurants Shop

“Because Rendang” Tee – $25.00


“get In Our Korner” Tee – $25.00

“get Your Rendang On” Tee – $25.00

“kopi, Tea Or Mee” Tee – $25.00

People’s questions about Nasi Lemak Menu

What does nasi lemak mean?

Nasi lemak is a Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. It is considered one of the most famous dishes for a Malay-style breakfast.

How do you say nasi lemak in Chinese?

Any versions, they all taste heaven.. Nasi Lemak, literally translated as “fatty rice”, the fat refers to no more than the fat of coconut milk added into the rice cooking. The aroma yields from the rich coconut milk flavour in the rice, making this Nasi Lemak dish so unique and delicious.

What is traditional food in Malaysia?

A popular dish based on rice in Malaysia is nasi lemak, rice steamed with coconut milk and pandan leaves to give it a rich fragrance. Of Malay origin, nasi lemak is frequently referred to as the national dish.

What is a typical Malaysian breakfast?

A typical Malaysian breakfast can range from dim sum served in steamer baskets to a roti canai from a traditional mamak, or South Indian food establishment. However, the most ubiquitous breakfast item is the national dish, nasi lemak (“fatty rice”).

How do you eat nasi lemak?

The basic serving of nasi lemak consists of a portion of rice cooked in coconut milk and served with a dollop of spicy sambal. On the side, you will also have sliced cucumbers together with crunchy fried peanuts and ikan bilis. Your dose of protein is a piece of hard-boiled egg.

About Nasi Lemak Restaurants

They’re a regional WA family owned restaurant that plan to attract their love and passion for Malaysian food into our fellow Perthies.

There priorities will be to make sure that we have a wonderful team that can satisfy the requirements of our valued patrons that subsequently find enough value in their own expertise to come back and tell their friends about it.

They enjoy the chance to socialize with our valued clients. A fantastic means to do so is via the sharing of information.

All these Roti courses are going to be a possibility for everyone to learn. Come learn from us, in addition to about us.

Join our chefs because you know firsthand the way to roll out, turn and flip your dough into yummy Rotis, the Nasi Lemak Korner way.
You’ll be in the know with hints and tricks directly from the Roti chefs in our Korner.


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Nasi Lemak
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Dylan Liew

Fantastic food, friendly, helpful and efficient staff...we will definitely be returning to Nasi Lemak Korner