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Pacino's Pizza & Pasta Restaurant Menu
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 1 reviews
 by Cullin Luscombe

I love this place! I drive past at least 4 other pizza places to go there regularly.
Great service, awesome food. Cute little sit down restaurant area too.

Pacino's Pizza & Pasta Restaurant Menu store hours

Phone: +61 3 9848 7570


Head Office address: 708 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster VIC 3108, Australia

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Pacino’s Pizza & Pasta is a Italian Restaurant

Here are the latest Pacino’s Pizza & Pasta Restaurant menu prices in Australia, Discover everything Pacino’s Pizza & Pasta Restaurant has on offer

Pacino’s Pizza & Pasta Restaurant Main Menu With Price

Pasta Menu with Price

Avocado – $14.50

Avocado pieces, chicken, cream and cheese.

Avocado Special – $14.50

Avocado, mushrooms, bacon and cream.

Bolognese – $14.50

With meat sauce and Parmesan cheese.

Cannelloni – $12.50

Tubes of pasta filled with ricotta cheese, spinach and Napoli sauce on top.

Carbonara – $12

Strips of lean bacon tossed with parsley, Parmesan cheese and egg.

El Pesto – $13

A great dish served with creamy pesto sauce, mushroom, pine nuts and garlic.

Gnocchi Gratinati – $12.50

Gnocchi tossed in a touch of nap and cream sauce, place under grill with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

Lasagna – $12.50

Layers of pasta, béchamel, ham, Bolognese sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan sauce.

Marinara – $14

A selection of fresh seafood lightly sautéed in garlic, parsley and napoli sauce.

Matriciana – $12.50

Strips of lean bacon, springs onion, chilli and Napoli sauce.

Mexicana – $12.50

Green peppers, olives, hot salami, chilli, napoli sauce cheese.

Mont E Mare – $12.50

Mushrooms, ham, prawns in a cream napoli sauce, cheese.

Napoletana – $11

With tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese.

Pestcatore – $14.50

Selection of fresh seafood cooked in cream with hot chilli, garlic and parsley.

Pollo Alla Cream – $14.50

Mushrooms, chicken, cream and cheese.

Pollo Con Fungi – $14.50

Cooked with chicken pieces, mushrooms, onions, cheese, napoli sauce and parsley.

Princess Amani – $14.50

Lean strips of chicken breast fillet, napoletana sauce with spring onions, a splash of cream and pesto sauce.

Puttanesca – $12.50

Hot salami, olives, anchovies, garlic, napoli sauce and cheese.

Ravioli – $12.50

Pasta filled with veal minced and Napoli sauce on top.

Rigatoni Ragu – $14.50

A great dish, tender eye fillet steak, spring onions cooked in spicy tomato sauce.

Risotto Con Funghi – $12.50

Rice cooked Italian style, sautéed in cream and mushroom, Parmesan cheese and Napoli sauce.

Tortellini – $12.50

Pasta filled with veal minced and Napoli sauce on top.

Tortellini Alla Ham – $12.50

Pasta filled with veal mince in a mushroom, ham and cream cheese sauce.

Vegetarian – $12.50

Fresh garden vegetables tossed with a touch of garlic, Napoli sauce and cheese.

Pizza Menu Price

American Style – $7.60

Aussie – $7.90

BBQ Meat Lovers – $8.50

Beef Super – $7.90

Capricciosa – $7.90

Catania Style – $8.50

Chicken Delight a. – $8.50

Four Corners

Four different corners consisting Capricciosa, Margherita, Tropical and

American Style.$17

Garlic Pizza with Cheese

Garlic sauce that comes with optional herbs and cheese – Simply untick them above if you don’t want them.$6.50

Gina – $8.50

Herb Pizza – $6.50

Margherita – $7

Marinara – $8.80

Mexicana – $7.90

Mushroom – $7.60

Napoletana – $7.90

Pacino’s – $8.50

Romano – $7.90

Super Delight – $8.50

The Lot – $8.50

Tropical – $7.60

Vegetarian – $7.90

Zia Maria – $7

Gourmet Pizza Price and Menu

Al Tonno – $12.90

Primavera – $12.90

Salmon Pescatora – $13.90

Satay Siena – $12.90

Scarface Delight – $12.90

Tuscany – $12.90

Vulcan – $13.90

Bruschetta – $12.90

Luciana – $13.90

Ortolana – $12.90

Paloma – $12.90

Gourmet Pasta Price Menu

Al Godfather – $17

Penne pasta cooked with chilli, calabrese salami, kalamata olives lean bacon strips, traditional Italian sausage, olive oil and garlic. Deglazed with white wine, cream and napoletana sauce.

Carribean Queen – $17

Choice of pasta, tossed with baby artichokes, pine nuts and basil pesto, Spanish olives, roasted pumpkin, semi dried tomatoes, roasted capsicum with cream and napoletana sauce.

Casalinga – $17

A truly casalinga meal, spinach filled pasta combined with roasted zucchini, sliced Spanish onion, ricotta cheese, pesto and napoletana sauce with a touch of cream.

Devil Salmon – $18

A deliciously smoked Tassie salmon, cooked in creamy avocado sauce, finished off with ricotta cheese and a touch of chilli.

Pasta Di Petonchi – $20

Black tiger prawns, Japanese scallops, New Zealand mussles and calamari cooked in a light garlic curry cream sauce.

Spaghetti Al Pacino – $20

Calamari, black tiger prawns, Japanese scallops combined with New Zealand mussel, spring onions, fresh chilli in an olive oil garlic pesto sauce.

Veal Menu all Price

Scalloppine Al Funghi – $21

Veal lightly pan-fried with mushrooms, white wine, cream and Napoli sauce.

Veal Casalinga – $21

Pan fried veal with mushrooms, olives and bacon in a Napoli sauce.

Veal Parmigiana – $21

Crumbed veal lightly pan fried and gratinated with cheese, a slice of ham and tomato cheese.

Veal Pizzaiola – $21

Veal lightly pan-fried with olives, onions and Napoli sauce.

Veal Schnitzel – $21

Crumbed veal lightly pan fried and accompanied by a slice of lemon.

Chicken Menu with Price

Chicken Parmigiana – $21

Crumbed chicken lightly pan-fried and gratinated with cheese.

Chicken Schnitzel – $19

Crumbed chicken breast, lightly pan-fried.

Chicken Al Avocado – $21

Chicken fillet sautéed in white wine with avocado and cream sauce.

Chicken Montana – $21

Breast filled pan-fried with mushrooms, cream, white wine and parsley.

Eye Fillet Steak Price Menu

Fillet Steak – $23

Medallion of eye fillet, fast grilled to your liking on a bed of lettuce.

Mushroom Steak – $24

Medallion of eye fillet topped with white wine, mushrooms and cream sauce.

Pepper Steak – $24

Eye fillets pan-fried and finished in a cream, brandy peppercorn sauce on top.

Seafood Steak – $27

Medallion of eye fillet with a selection of seafood and garlic cream sauce on top.

Steak Pizzaioala – $24

Garlic, olives, spring onions and fresh tomatoes on a grilled eye fillet.

Seafood Menu Price

Barramundi – $23

Grilled Barramundi fillet topped with lemon and garlic.

Calamari – $19

Crumbed calamari, deep fried and served with tartare sauce and salad.

Garlic Prawns – $23

Pan-fried in white wine and served with garlic cream sauce.

Seafood Basket – $23

Grilled calamari, prawns & scallops, served on a bed of rice.

Salad & Sides Price Menu

Caesar Salad – $11.50

Bacon, cos lettuce, egg, anchovies, olives, croûtons, tomato, carrot & creamy dressing.

Chicken Salad – $11.50

Fresh garden salad, tender chicken fillet pieces, avocado & honey mustard dressing.

Garlic Bread – $3.90

Greek Salad – $10.50

Fresh salad mix, vinegar, olive oil, kalamata olives & fetta.

Italian Salad – $7.50

Cucumber, tomato, olives, lettuce, carrot, onion & Italian dressing.

Desserts all Price Menu

Baci – $8

Cassata – $8

Chocolate Mousse – $8

Mixed Coppa Gelato – $8

Tartufo – $8

Tiramisu – $8

Drinks Menu Price

Coke – $2.50

Coke Zero – $2.50

Lemonade$3.90 – $2.50

Pepsi$3.90 – $2.50

Pepsi Max$3.90 – $2.50

Schweppes Lemon – $3.50

Schweppes Lemon Lime – $3.50

Schweppes Mineral – $3.50

Schweppes Orange – $3.50

Schweppes Soda – $3.50

Sunkist – $3.90

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Pacino’s Pizza & Pasta Restaurant Hours

Monday  05:00 am – 10:00 pm
Tuesday  05:00 am – 10:00 pm
Wednesday  05:00 am – 10:00 pm
Thursday  05:00 am – 10:00 pm
Friday  05:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday  05:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday  05:00 am – 10:00 pm

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Pacino's Pizza & Pasta Restaurant Coupons

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Pizza Double

Any 2 Large Pizzas


Double Pasta

Any 2 Pastas


Gourmet Pizza

Any 2 Large Gourmet Pizzas


Gourmet Combo

1 x Large Gourmet Pizza

1 x Gourmet Pasta


Family Double

Any 2 Family Pizzas


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New Penny pinchers Menu At Pacino’s Pizza & Pasta Restaurant

Pizza Special

Monday to Wednesday pickup only

(Excludes Public Holidays & Gourmet Pizzas)

Large $12.00
Family $16.00

Family Special – $38.90

2 x Family Pizzas*
1 x Garlic Bread
1 x 1.25Ltr Drink

Double Pasta – $28.90

2 x Pasta
1 x Garlic Bread
1 x 1.25Ltr Drink

Combo Special – $28.90

1 x Large Pizza*
1 x Pasta
1 x Garlic Bread
1 x 1.25Ltr Drink

Large Pizza Special – $28.90

2 x Large Pizzas*
1 x Garlic Bread
1 x 1.25Ltr Drink

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Pacino's Pizza & Pasta Restaurant Menu
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Cullin Luscombe

I love this place! I drive past at least 4 other pizza places to go there regularly.
Great service, awesome food. Cute little sit down restaurant area too.