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Pad Thai Restaurant
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 by Tim Richardson

Excellent Thai food in Melbourne. I've been coming here for a few years and the food has always been very good.

Pad Thai Restaurant Menu store hours

Phone: 03 9639 6868


Head Office address: 246 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

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Pad Thai Eatery is the one stop shop for “Everyday Thai Comfort Food”. We serve all day casual Thai street food as an a la carte meal. If you are hungry and after a delicious, tasty and authentic Thai street food, be sure to come down to our cozy Eatery that is located right in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

Here are the latest Pad Thai Restaurant menu prices in Australia, Discover everything Pad Thai Restaurant has on offer

Pad Thai Restaurant Main Menu With Price

Small bites & soup Menu with Price

Fried spring rolls – $4 / 2 pcs.

Tao hu tod – $6

Fried tofu served with sweet tamarind chilli sauce

Roti with peanut sauce – $6.90

Crispy chicken wingettes – $6.90

Crispy chicken skin – $6.90

Fried wonton – $6.90 / 5 pcs.

Fried chives cakes – $7.90 / 3 pcs.

Thai fish cakes – $6.90 / 4 pcs.

Son in law tamarind egg – $6

Tom yum soup

(chicken & mushrooms) – $7 / 12

(seafood & mushrooms) – $9 / 14

Skewers Menu all Price

Look chin ping(pork / beef / fish balls skewers)

Served with sweet tamarind chilli sauce

3 / skewer

Giew tod

Fried quail egg wrapped in wonton

3 / skewer

Moo ping (+2 sticky rice) – $10 / 4 skewers

Chicken satay skewers (+4 roti) – $12 /6 skewers

Recommended specialty dish Menu and Price

Chicken / pork / beef / tofu – $13.50

Seafood – $15.50

Pad thai (gluten free)

Famous stir-fried noodle with tofu, egg, onion, bean shoots, and tamarind sauce topped with crushed peanut (peanuts, gluten free)

Pad thai “sen jan”rice stick noodle

Pad thai “kiew krob” ~ fried wonton

Pad thai “voon sen”~ glass noodle

Hoy thod – $15

Crispy thai mussel pancake served with sriracha sauce

Salad Price Menu

Yum voon sen – $14

Warm thai glass noodle salad with prawns, calamari and minced chicken

Yum mookrob – $15

Warm crispy pork salad

Yum nuer – $14

Thai beef salad

Yum nham khao tod – $15

Fermented nham ground pork with crispy rice crackers and red curry paste

Noodle Menu with Price

Chicken / pork / beef / tofu – $13.50

Seafood – $15.50

Pad see ew

Stir-fried flat rice noodle with a choice of meat, chinese broccoli, egg and sweet soy sauce

Pad kee mao

Spicy stir-fried flat rice noodle with a choice of meat, chili, basil and chinese broccoli

Rad nhar

Flat rice noodle with a choice of meat, topped with thick gravy and chinese broccoli

Yen ta for hang – $15

Flat rice noodle with prawn, calamari, fish balls, sliced pork, water spinach in spicy pink coloured fermented tofu sauce topped with crispy garlic

Thai style suki (dry / soup)

Glass noodle seasoned with special homemade fermented tofu sauce, served dry or soup with braised mixed vegetables

(+2 seafood) – $14

Kanom jeen nam ya – $14

Thin tubular rice noodle served with homemade fish paste coconut gravy and fish balls alongside braised bean sprouts, green beans and boiled egg

Kanom jeen gang kiew wan gai kai to

Thin tubular rice noodle served with green curry chicken and boiled egg

Kuai teow Menu

Tom yum noodle soup ก๋วยเตี๋ยวต้มยํา (chicken / vegetable and tofu)

Classic thai spicy and sour noodle soup with chicken and mushrooms

(+2 seafood) – $13

Moo tom yum – $13

Thin rice noodle with sliced pork, pork minced, pork balls, crispy wonton, and bean shoots in spicy clear broth topped with crushed peanuts

Moo thun – $13

Thin rice noodle served with tender pork ribs and pork balls in tasty pork broth

Ruar (thai boat noodle) (pork / beef) – $13

Traditional thai boat noodle

Yen ta for – $14

Flat rice noodle with calamari, assorted fish/ shrimp balls, blood jelly, white wood ear mushrooms, water spinach crispy wonton in spicy pink fermented tofu soup

Guay jub – $14

Rolled rice noodle, crispy pork, tofu, pork giblets, blood jelly in thai five spice broth

Rice Menu Price

Chicken / pork / beef / tofu / ox tongue – $14

Seafood / crispy pork bellies (moo krob) – $15.50


Stir-fried meat with fresh garlic and black pepper


Stir-fried minced meat with basil leaves, garlic and chilli, topped with fried egg

(kapao kha moo & kapao khai yaew mar also available 15.50)

Kha moo – $14

Marinated pork shank stewed to tenderness perfection served with homemade tangy sauce

Kanaa mookrob – $15

Stir-fried crispy pork with spicy chinese broccoli

Khao mookrob – $15

Crispy pork bellies on rice served with special gravy and half boiled egg

Pak boong mookrob – $15

Stir-fried crispy pork bellies with spicy watercress / kang kong

Pad ped mookrob – $15

Stir-fried crispy pork bellies and green beans in creamy coconut red curry sauce

Gai phat med mamuang – $15

Chicken cashew nut – chicken thigh, onion, capsicums, carrots, spring onion, mushrooms, cashew nuts, stir-fried in chili paste sauce

Gai satay – $14

Grilled chicken with satay peanut sauce

Pla too nam prik kapi – $14

Fried schomber fish with braised mixed vegetables and homemade spicy shrimp paste dipping sauce

Klua khing – $14

Southern thai stir-fried minced pork with fragrant red curry paste, chillies, and lime leaves

Khao kai jeow(plain / minced pork / minced prawns) – $12 / 12 / 14

Thai style omelet served with jasmine rice and sriracha sauce

Curries Price Menu

(+1 change to roti)

Green curry chicken – $13

Massaman beef – $13

Tom kha gai – $13

Panang (pork / beef) – $13

Gang som cha omm goong – $14

Thai sour curry served with prawns and acacia omelet

Fried rice Menu

Chicken / pork / beef / tofu – $13

Seafood / crispy pork bellies (moo krob) – $15

Tom yum fried rice

Fried rice with tom yum paste,

Mushrooms, lemongrass and lime leaves

Green curry fried rice

Fried rice with green curry paste, green beans and sweet basil leaves

Salted fish fried rice

Fried rice with salted fish, egg and chinese broccoli

Thai style fried rice

Thai style fried rice with eggs and vegetables

Khao pad kapao klug

Chilli basil fried rice

Khao pad nahm – $15

Special thai style fried rice with ground fermented nahm pork sausages

Isaan Price Menu

Papaya salad (som tum)

A choice of som tum thai (dried shrimps & peanut), pou (pickled crab), plara (fermented fish paste)

(+2 tum sua) – $13

Som tum set – $16.50

Choice of grilled chicken or crispy chicken wingettes, with green papaya salad and sticky rice

Som tum khao pod khai khem – $13

Pounded sweet corn kernel salad with dried shrimps, peanuts, green beans, tomatoes, lime, garlic, chilli with salted egg

Som tum tang khai tom – $14

Northeastern style spicy cucumber salad served with boiled egg

Som tum kapi goong sod – $14

Green papaya salad served with fresh prawns and shrimp paste

Larb gai tod zaap – $14

Crispy fried battered chicken and mixed salad seasoned with chilies, thai herbs and pounded roasted rice

Larb (chicken / pork) – $13

Spicy warm salad of minced chicken or minced pork in lime juice, red onions, pounded roasted rice and roasted chili flakes. Finished with shredded mint, spring onion and coriander

Tub wan – $12

Northeastern style pork liver salad, chili flakes, mint, coriander, pounded roasted rice

Tub tod gratium – $12

Pork liver with garlic pepper sauce

Yum kanom jeen platu – $15

Spicy isaan noodle and mackerel fish salad, thai herbs, fermented fish paste“plara”, chilli

Nam tok neur – $14

Spicy isaan beef salad seasoned with mint, spring onion, dried chilli and pounded roasted rice

Gai yang – $14

Grilled marinated chicken thigh served with nam jim jaew

Moo sam chun tod nam pla – $15

Deep fried lightly coated crispy pork belly served with nam jim jaew

Nahm peek gai tod – $10

Salty and sour deep fried chicken wings with fermented nahm flavour

Tom zaap kradook moo orn – $15

Hot and sour thai braised pork soft bone ribs soup

Tom super teen gai – $15

Spicy and sour chicken feet soup loaded with chili and fresh thai herbs

Drinks Menu

Classic thai drinks – $4

Thai iced milk tea

Thai iced green milk tea

Thai iced black tea

Thai iced coffee

Thai iced black coffee (olieng)

Thai iced lemon tea

Thai pink milk (nomyen)

Coconut drink

Daily home made drinks4

Butterfly pea drink

Roselle tea

Lemongrass drink

Chrysanthemum drink

Longan drink

Chill-chill thai boba drinks – $6

Iced pearl thai milk tea

Iced pearl green milk tea

Iced pearl white coffee

Iced pearl pink milk tea

Hot drinks – $3

Jasmine tea

Green tea

Dessert Price Menu

1.I-tim krati – $5.50

Creamy coconut i-cream with sweet sticky rice

2.I-tim krati with 3 toppings:

Choose from:

tub tim krob – (red ruby water chestnut)


tapioca jelly

toddy palm seed

sweet corn kernels

crushed peanut – $6.90

mixed fruit rainbow jelly

Tub tim krob – $5.50

Thai red rubies, served with coconut milk, jackfruit and crushed ice

Pad Thai Restaurant Near Me Locations

Please, search Pad Thai Restaurant near me locations from the map below. if you find your near by Pad Thai Restaurant location, click on the map shown below and nearest Pad Thai Restaurant venue around you will automatically pop up on your map. Also, use this Pad Thai Restaurant locator tool to find Pad Thai Restaurant near you.

Pad Thai Restaurant Hours

Monday 11:00 am – 07:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am – 07:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am – 07:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 07:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 07:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 06:30 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 06:00 pm

Pad Thai New Restaurant

Pad Thai Sen Jan


Famous Stir fried noodle with tofu egg onion bean shoot and tamariand sauce topped with crushed peanut


Traditional thai boat noodle

Kra Pao

Stir fried Minced meat with basil leaves garlic and chili topped with fried egg

Pad See Ew

Kanaa Mookarob

Sti fried crispy pork with spicy chinese broccoli

Tom YumFried Rice

fried rice with tom yum paste lemongrass and lime leaves

Yum Voon Sen

Yum Voon Sen

Warm thai glass noodle salad with prawns calamari and minced chicken

Pad Kee Mao

Spicy stir fried flat rice noodle or vermiceli noodle with a choice aof meat chili basil and chinese broccoli

People’s questions about Pad Thai Restaurant menu

Are Pad Thai noodles healthy?

Although the ingredients in pad Thai are generally pretty healthy, the calories can still add up fast. Just one cup of a typical pad Thai has about 400 calories and 17 grams of fat, as well as loads of sodium. To balance it out, I always order mine with an extra serving of steamed vegetables to mix in.

What does the pad in pad thai mean?

The word “pad” in pad thai means “noodle.” It is FALSE. Le mot “pad” in pad thai means “fried.” Food 2.

What is Pad Thai sauce made of?

Made with tamarind paste, palm sugar, fish sauce, and garlic, learning how to make Pad Thai sauce is simple with this homemade, easy Pad Thai sauce recipe.

Is Pad Thai real Thai food?

Pad thai, or phad thai (/ˌpɑːd ˈtaɪ/ or /ˌpæd ˈtaɪ/; Thai: ผัดไทย, RTGS: phat thai, ISO: p̄hạdịthy, pronounced [pʰàt tʰāj] ( listen), ‘Thai stir fry’), is a stir fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food and at most restaurants in Thailand.

How long is pad Thai Good For?

Pad Thai and other popular takeout noodle dishes will generally last up to three days in the refrigerator. Due to heavy sauces that can contribute to a soggy texture, these dishes can sometimes taste bad before they actually go bad.

Why is pad Thai so popular?

Pad Thai is rated as one of the most delicious foods in the world. Well-known as a popular Thai street food, there are more to Pad Thai than meets the eye. … Stir-fried noodles are a type of Chinese food, Pad Thai is, in fact, a Thai-style noodle dish because of its additional ingredient – chillies.

About Pad Thai Restaurant

There love the lively and vibrant vibe of road food in Thailand, in which it brings together different offering of only dish meals, snacks and specialty beverages to several Thais. The foods they are having not always for sharing, however just one a la carte meal that’s sufficient to satisfy their appetite. Inspired by only serving Thai dishes which functioned across the road of Bangkok, Pad Thai eatery serves daily casual Thai street food within a la carte meal into Melbournians.

There called the eatery”Pad Thai” since we love the complete Thai flavour of Pad Thai noodle because most individuals from various nations are knowledgeable about Pad Thai noodle too. Pad Thai noodle is among the most popular Thai dishes globally. At Pad Thai Eatery, we provide tasty authentic Pad Thai noodle plus we also supply mind blowing-ly yummy rice dishes.

If you’re hungry and following a tasty, yummy and genuine Thai street food, then make certain to return to our eatery that’s situated directly in the heart of Melbourne CBD. If you aren’t that hungry, take a look at our snacks and dessert array. We’ve got a little bit of everything for everybody.

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Pad Thai Restaurant
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Tim Richardson

Excellent Thai food in Melbourne. I've been coming here for a few years and the food has always been very good.