Sakura Menu, Prices and Locations in Australia

Sakura Main Menu With Price Picked for you Grilled Salmon Sushi Set $23.00 Eight pieces. Plain Udon $18.00 Salmon Sashimi 8PCS $21.00 Eight pieces. Teriyaki Chicken Bento B $31.00 Salad, agedashi tofu, two pieces sashimi, gyoza spring roll, takoyaki, two pieces sushi, two pieces roll, rice, miso soup with two salmon sushi and mini California

Boronia Kitchen Menu, Prices and Locations in Australia

Boronia Kitchen Main Menu With Price STARTERS PEN’S BEETROOT HASSELBACK Vanella stracciatella, apple, beetroot balsamic WAGYU BRESAOLA chawanmushi, bonito flakes, dashi BAKED HERVEY BAY SCALLOPS coriander, garlic, chilli CHICKEN PARFAIT grapes, mint, pumpkin seeds, sourdough croutons MORETON BAY BUG VADOUVAN pickled fioretto PRAWN TOAST sesame, yuzu mayonnaise MAINS BAKED EGGPLANT baba ganoush, pine nut &

Vines Menu, Prices and Locations in Australia

Vines Main Menu With Price Famous Wood Grilled Octopus – 23 Tender Fire-Grilled Octopus In Imported Greek Olive Oil, With Fennel, Capers, Red Onions & Lemon Aegean Escargot – 16 Imported Feta Cheese,With Our Herb Butter Sauce, Served With Vines’ Housemade Crostinis P.E.I. Mussels -19 Sautéed In A Preserved Lemon Infused White Wine Broth, With

Na Zdrowie Menu, Prices and Locations in Australia

Na Zdrowie Main Menu With Price ENTRÉE Wedliny – Platter of Polish smoked meats and sausages served sith rye bread $15.90 Grzybki – Fried crumbed mushrooms with horseradish dipping sauce $12.90 Sledzik – Herring with Polish pickles and creamy dill dressing served with rye bread $11.90 Serek – Fried crumbed camembert chesse with cranberry sauce

The Real Greek Souvlaki Bar Menu, Prices and Locations in Australia

The Real Greek Souvlaki Bar Main Menu With Price Desserts Galaktoboureko5 € Ravani Cake5 € Kataifi5 € Rice Pudding5 € Alcoholic Drinks Beer Appetizers Dolmades10 € Saganaki1010 € Pizza Pizza Vegetarian Greek Mains Stan the Man Souvlaki13 € Crispy Fish Combo16 € Snacks Quesadilla Chips145 € Wraps Falafel Wrap11 € DrinksMount Franklin 500ml Bottle3 €

Nelson Way Menu, Prices and Locations in Australia

Nelson Way Main Menu With Price Breakfast Menu TURKISH TOAST – $6.90Lightly toasted & buttered w/ vegemite or marmalade RAISIN TOAST – $6.90Thickly sliced raisin loaf, lightly toasted & buttered BANANA BREAD – $7.90Thickly sliced banana loaf, lightly toasted & buttered CINNAMON TOAST – $7.90Turkish toast, cinnamon sugar & butter EGGS ON TOAST {V} -$12.90Eggs