Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen Menu, Prices and Locations in Australia

Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen Menu
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Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen Menu store hours

Phone: (02) 9831 5031


Head Office address: 30 Tallawong Ave, Blacktown, NSW 2148, Australia

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Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen is located on Tallawong ave, Blacktown in Australia.

They offer for you like Lemon Grass Chicken, Mongolian Chicken, Beef with Satay Sauce, Garlic King Prawns, Szechuan Fish, Sweet and Sour Pork, BBQ Pork Noodles, Green Curry Beef, etc.

Here are the latest Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen menu prices and location in Australia, Discover everything Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen has on offers.

Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen Main Menu With Price

Chef’s Suggestions

King Prawn with Plum Sauce $20.00

Squid with Chilli and Garlic $16.50

Salt and Pepper Squid $17.50

Mongolian Combination $17.50

Black Pepper Chicken $16.50

Fillet Steak with Plum Sauce $19.00

Chicken with Crab Meat Sauce $17.00

BBQ Pork in Plum Sauce $16.50

Sate Combination $17.50

Pork Ribs Canton Style $16.50

Mongolian Chicken $16.50

Seafood Combination $20.00

Honey King Prawns $20.00

Sizzling Fillet Steak Canton Style $19.00

Fillet Steak with Black Pepper and Wine Sauce $19.00

Beef Combination $17.00

Thai Fried Rice $12.00

Prawn Cocktails $12.00

San Choy Bow $17.50

Mongolian Lamb $17.50

Garlic combination $17.50

Chicken Combination $16.50

Chicken Szechuan Style $16.50

King Prawns with Honey and Chilli $20.00

Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings – 6 Pieces $13.00

Salt and Pepper Chicken $16.50

Mongolian Beef $17.00

Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs $16.50

Chicken Curry Green $16.00

Chicken Curry Red $16.00

Beef Curry Green $16.00

Beef Curry Red $16.00

King Prawn Combination $20.00

Fillet Steak in Honey and Black Pepper Sauce $19.00

Canton Noodles (Hokkien) $15.50

Steamed Duck with Crab Meat $19.50

King Prawn Curry Green $20.00

King Prawn Curry Red $20.00

Salt and Pepper King Prawns $20.00

Entrée Menu

Deep Fried Wontons (10 Pieces) $8.00

King Prawn Cutlets (6 Pieces) $17.00

Mini Spring Rolls (6 Pieces) $9.00

Mixed Entree $10.00

Spring roll, dim sim, prawn cutlet, ham and chicken roll.

Bacon King Prawn (6 Pieces) $14.00

Satay Chicken Sticks – 4 Pieces $12.00

Prawn Toast (4 Pieces) $6.50

Chicken & Ham Rolls (6 Pieces) $13.00

Curry Puff (4 Pieces) $6.50

Large Spring Roll (each) $3.50

Dim Sim (6 Pieces) $9.00


Crab Meat & Mushroom Soup $8.00

Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup $8.00

Combination Short Soup $14.50

Chicken & Mushroom Soup $8.00

Combination Long Soup $14.50

Short or Long Soup $8.00

Crab Meat & Sweet Corn Soup $8.00

Combination Short & Long Soup $15.00

Crab Meat Soup $8.00

Chow Mein

With Crispy or Soft Noodle.

Stir Fried Noodles with Soya $15.00

Sliced Pork Chow Mein $16.50

Braised King Prawn Chow Mein $20.00

Singapore Noodles $15.00

Beef Chow Mein $17.00

Braised Chicken Chow Mein $16.50

Combination Chow Mein $17.50

BBQ Pork Chow Mein $16.50

Prawn Chow Mein $16.50

Chop Suey


Combination Chop Suey $17.50

Braised Chicken Chop Suey $16.50

BBQ Pork Chop Suey $16.50

Beef Chop Suey $17.50

Braised King Prawn Chop Suey $20.00

Prawn Chop Suey $16.50

Sliced Pork Chop Suey $16.50

Mixed Vegetable $14.00


BBQ Pork Omelette $16.50

Combination Omelette $17.50

Prawn Omelette $16.50

Plain Omelette $13.00

King Prawn Omelette $20.00

Mushroom Omelette $14.00

Chicken Omelette $16.50

Sweet & Sour

Sweet & Sour Beef $17.50

Sour Pork & Sweet $16.50

Sweet & Sour Chicken $16.50

Sweet & Sour King Prawn $20.00

Sour Fish & Sweet $16.50

Sweet and Sour Combination $17.50


Fish Fillet $16.50

with Season Vegetable & Mushroom

Fried Fish $16.50

with Sweet & Corn Sauce

Fish Fillet Canton Style $16.50


Curried King Prawn & Rice $20.00

Chicken Fried Rice $12.00

Curried Beef & Rice $17.00

Curried Prawn & Rice $16.00

Special Fried Rice Small $10.00

Special Fried Rice Large $11.00

Boiled Rice Small $5.50

Boiled Rice Large $6.00

Curried Braised Chicken & Rice $16.00

Fried Rice Small $9.00

Fried Rice Large $10.00

Vegetarian Fried Rice $10.00


Beef Oyster Sauce $17.00

Chilli Beef $17.00

Hot or Szechuan.

Beef with Curry Sauce $17.00

Beef with Special Sauce $17.00

Szechuan Beef $17.00

Beef with Cashew Nuts & Vegetable $17.00

Beef with Black Bean Sauce $17.00

Sate Sauce with on Beef $17.00

Beef with Vegetable $17.00

Beef Plum Sauce $17.00


Garlic Chicken $16.50

Chicken with Cashew $16.50

Honey Chicken $16.50

Chicken with Plum Sauce $16.50

Chicken with Special Sauce $16.50

Lemon Chicken (Boneless) $16.50

Chicken with Black Bean Sauce $16.50

Chicken with Honey & Chilli Sauce $16.50

Sate Chicken $16.50

Chicken with Curry Sauce $16.50

Crispy Skin Chicken (Half) $16.50

Lemon or Plum Sauce.

Chicken & Chinese Mushroom $16.50

Fillet Steak

Sizzling Steak $19.00

Sate Steak $19.00

Szechuan Steak $18.00

Garlic Steak $19.00

Fillet Steak $19.00

with Honey & Chilli Sauce

Pork Menu

Pork Fillet with Szechuan Flavour $16.50

BBQ Pork with Plum or Peking Sauce Peking Sauce $16.50

BBQ Pork with Plum or Peking Sauce Plum Sauce $16.50

Pork Fillet with Honey & Chilli Sauce $16.50

Pork Fillet with Plum Sauce $16.50

Black Bean Sauce in Pork Fillet $16.50

Crispy Pork with Plum Sauce $16.50

Pork Spare Ribs Black Bean $16.50

Pork Spare Ribs Chilli Sauce $16.50

Sate Pork $16.50

Pork Spare Ribs Peking Sauce $16.50

Pork Spare Ribs Plum Sauce $16.50

Crispy Pork with Peking Sauce $16.50

Pork Fillet with Special Sauce $16.50


Chilli King Prawn $20.00

King Prawn with Cashew Nuts & Vegetables $20.00

Sate King Prawn $20.00

King Prawn Black Bean Sauce $20.00

Honey and Chilli King Prawn $20.00

King Prawn with Vegetables $20.00

Honey King Prawn $20.00

King Prawn with Garlic Sauce $20.00

King Prawn with Special Sauce $20.00

Curry King Prawn $20.00


Deep Fried Duck with Lemon Sauce $20.50

Deep Fried Duck with Vegetables $20.50

Chilli Duck $20.50

Deep Fried Duck with Plum Sauce $20.50

Steamed Duck with Mushroom Sauce $20.50

Extras Menu

Soy Sauce $1.50

Sweet and Sour $1.50

Prawn Chips $2.50

Crispy Noodle $2.50

Chop Chilli $3.00

Garlic Sauce $3.00


Soft Drinks Can $3.00

Soft Drinks 1.25L $6.00

Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen Near Me Locations

Please, search Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen near me locations from the map below. If you find your near by Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen location, click on the map shown below and nearest Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen venue around you will automatically pop up on your map. Also, use this Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen Locator tool to find Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen near you.

Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen Hours

Monday 4:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday 4:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen Offers and Coupons

Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen Meal Deals

Banquet 4 (For 5-6 People) $102.00

4 x Dim Sims (Fried), Prawn Toast and 6 x Spring Rolls, 1 x Special Large Fried Rice, 1 x Large Fried Rice, 5 x Main Courses.

Banquet 3 (For 4-5 People) $89.00

5 x Dim Sims, 5 x Spring Rolls, 1 x Special Large Fried Rice, 1 x Large Fried Rice, 4 x Main Courses.

Banquet 1 (For 2-3 People) $48.00

6 x Mini Spring Rolls or Dim Sim, 1 x Large Fried Rice, 2 x Main Courses.

Banquet 2 (For 3-4 People) $63.00

6 x Spring Rolls or Dim Sims, 4 x Prawn Toast, 1 x Large Fried Rice, 3 x Main Courses.

About Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen

Peacock Palace Chinese Kitchen is located Australia and they offers a wide range of Chinese specialties such as Mongolian Chicken, Honey King Prawns, Beef Chow Mein and many more. You can order online from by clicking the order online button and they deliver delicious food directly to your front door.

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