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 by Sarath Abaya

Awesome food, the buffet was too good. The ambience was also nice

Cinnamons Restaurants Menu store hours

Phone: (03) 9866 1681


Head Office address: 474 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004

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Cinnamon’s dishes are derived from traditional ‘Sinhalese, Muslim and Burgher’ cuisine. In addition to conventional and established favourites, Chef Patricia de Silva regularly devises new and seasonal dishes to keep updated menus innovative and modern.

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Cinnamons Restaurants Main Menu With Price

Lunch Menu with Price

Sri Lankan Short Eat Platter – $11.90

Beef Pattie, Fish Cutlet, Veg Samosa and Spicy Potato Roti with dipping sauce

Masala Chilli Fries – $6.50

With Sweet Chilli Sauce & Raita

Rice & Curry – $13.50

Yellow Rice with one Meat and two seasonal veg curries

3pc Roti & Curry – $13.90

3pcs Rotis’ with one Meat and two seasonal veg curries

2pc Roti & Curry – $10.90

2pcs Rotis’ with one Meat Curry OR Tandoori Chicken OR two veg curries

Tandoori Chicken Combo – $14.90

Tandoori Chicken with Roti, Saffron Rice, Lentil Curry and Raita

Chicken Biryani – $12.90

Biryani Rice with Chicken, Eggplant, Boiled Egg, Raita and Pappadam

Devilled Rice – $13.90

Devilled Chicken or Devilled Pork with Steam Rice – $13.90

Devilled Calamari with Rice $16.90 Devilled Prawns with Rice – $18.90

Stringhopper Meal – $13.90

Stringhoppers with Meat or Fish Curry, Lentil Curry and Coconut Sambol

Lamprais – $15.90

Rice cooked in stock, served with a mixed meat curry (lamb/Beef/pork), Eggplant, Fish cutlet, Fried Egg, shrimp sambal and Onion Relish wrapped in banana leaf

Salt & Chilli Fish Fillets with Rice – $14.90

Chilli battered barramundi served with rice, Raita and Salad

Special Fried Rice

With Prawns, Chicken & Eggs – $14.90
Chicken & Eggs – $13.90
Vegetarian or Egg Fried Rice – $12.90
Garlic Roti: $3 Plain Roti: $2 Cheese Roti: – $4.50

Starters Menu and Prices

Samosas (v) – 12.90

Triangle Pastry Filled with Potato, Served Over Lentil & Spinach Curry

Spring Onion and Garlic Roti (v) – 12.90

With Caramelized Onion and Coriandar Raita

Fish Cutlets (4 pcs) – 7.90

Mini Fish Rissoles Crumbed & Deep Fried

Beef or Fish Patties (3 pcs) – 7.90

Deep fried pastry shells stuffed with spicy beef & Potato

Tapas Platter – 12.90

Why not try a combination of the above

Tandoori Chicken with Eggplant Roti – 14.90

Hot Butter Prawn Baskets (two units) – 16.90

Sri Lankan Set Menu all Price

Rice & Curry – 16.90

Saffron or Steam Rice Served with One Meat and Two Veg Curries

Roti & Curry – 17.50

3pcs Paratha Roti Bread Served with One Meat and Two Veg Curries

Stringhoppers & Curry – 17.50

12 Spirals of Stringhoppers (Steamed Rice Noodles)

Chicken Biryani Meal – 18.50

Chicken Biryani Served with One Meat Curry, Eggplant, Raita, Egg & Pappadam

Sri Lankan Set Price Menu

Lamprais – 18.50

Kottu Roti

Egg or Vegetarian – 13.90
Beef, Chicken or Pork – 16.90
Lamb or Goat – 17.90
Prawn – 24.90

Curried Crab or Prawn with Okra, Curry Leaves and Chilli – 32.50

Fried Rice

Egg or Vegetarian – 13.50
Chicken – 15.50
Cinnamon’s Special (egg, chicken, prawn & pork) – 17.50
Seafood – 19.50

Devilled Rice

Devilled Chicken – 17.50
Devilled Calamari – 19.50
Devilled Prawns or Crabs – 26.50

Sri Lankan Street Platter For Two – 44.50

Set of Hoppers – 17.50

Chicken & Meat Menu with Price

Chicken Curry – 17.90

(spicy chicken > on the bone) (mild chicken > boneless)

Devilled Chicken Crispy Chicken sautéed in a house made special tomato and chilli Sauce – 17.90

Fiery Black Pork Curry Pork tempered in Sri Lankan dark spices and simmered gently with coconut milk – 17.90

Lamb Curry (Spicy or Mild) Chunks of lamb fully infused with a perfect blend of spices and coconut milk – 17.90

Beef Curry (Medium Spiced) Beef cooked with dark house made spices and cooked in a medium hot rich curry sauce – 17.90

Jaffna Spiced Goat Curry Tender pieces of goat on the bone cooked using a blend of house made spices and coconut – 17.90

Seafood Price Menu

Fish Ambul Thiyal (Black Peppery Sour Fish Curry) – 17.90

Beer Battered Fried Barramundi – 17.90

Devilled or Hot Buttered Calamari sautéed in a house made special tomato and chilli Sauce – 19.90

Prawn Curry with Okra (mild or spicy) – 26.90

Blue Swimmer Crab Curry (mild or spicy) – 26.90

Devilled Prawns or Devilled Crabs (Baby Blue

Swimmer) sautéed in a house made special tomato and chilli Sauce – 28.90

Vegetarian all Price Menu

Lentil & Spinach Curry (medium spiced) – 12.90

Wok-Fried Spicy Potato (spicy) – 12.90

Eggplant Moju (mild) – 14.90

Cashew & Green Bean Curry (mild) – 14.90

Pumpkin Curry with coconut and mustard – 13.90

Rice, Roti N Stuff Menu Price

Steam Rice – 4.00

Saffron Rice – 5.00

Pilau Rice Rice tempered with Shallots, Curry Leaves,Cumin & Coriander – 5.00

Chicken Biryani – 14.90

Stringhoppers – 11.90

Sri Lankan Fried Rice

Egg or Vegetarian – 13.50
Chicken – 15.50
Cinnamon’s Special (egg, chicken, prawn & pork) – 17.50
Seafood – 19.50

Paratha Roti Bread

Plain Roti – 3.00
Garlic Roti – 3.50
Cheese Roti – 4.90
Egg Roti – 4.90

Condiments Menu with Price

Coconut Sambol – 4.00

Pappadams (6pcs) – 3.50

Malay Pickle (Vegetable and Tamarind Pickle) – 6.00

Seeni Sambol (Sweet & Spicy Onion Relish) – 6.00

Sri Lankan Salad (Lettuce, Onion, Tomato and Cucumber) – 6.90

Raita (Yoghurt with Cucumber and Coriander) – 4.00

Tamarind & Date Chutney – 4.50

Dessert Menu


Chocolate Garden

Cherry Ripe Cake with Chocolate Soil and Ice Cream

Coffee Tiramisu

With Rum & Raisin Ice Cream

Drunken Affogato (Alcoholic)

Pairing Warm Coffee with Frangelico and Vanilla Ice Cream Wattalappam (Spiced Palm Sugar Custard)

Curd & Honey

Unsweetened Yoghurt Served with Palm Treacle

Sri Lankan Crème Caramel

Warm Sticky Date Pudding

With Butterscotch Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream

Dessert Platter for Two $17.50

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Cinnamons Restaurants Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 11:30 am–3 pm, 5:30–10 pm
Wednesday 11:30 am–3 pm, 5:30–10 pm
Thursday 11:30 am–3 pm, 5:30–10 pm
Friday 11:30 am–3 pm, 5:30–10:30 pm
Saturday 5:30–10:30 pm
Sunday Closed

Cinnamon’s Food

Chef Patricia de Silva, with the aid of her husband Anura de Silva and boy Michael de Silva, brings her smart passion for food to make numerous contemporary and rather simply mouth-watering meals, ensuring that the Cinnamon’s menu is a culinary achievement. Patricia simply uses the freshest ingredients and even roasts and grinds her own spices, which gives that special flavour Cinnamon’s is famous for. Cinnamon’s concentrates on providing the greatest potential’home style’ cooking that Sri Lankans, and people comfortable with Sri Lankan meals, can relate to.

The absolute most favourite dish which has retained many clients coming back into the restaurant is Patricia’s famous’eggplant moju’ that has a special twist to the conventional pickled edition.

Sri Lanka has long been famous for its spices and in her cooking, Patricia doesn’t hold back on it. If a’hot’ curry is exactly what one is following, that’s certainly what you will get. Bring your’chilli’ tolerance together with you once you see Cinnamon’s because of this exceptional experience of Sri Lankan food.

Cinnamon’s Restaurant & Bar

Set off St Kilda Road – just outside Melbourne’s city centre – is Cinnamon’s Restaurant & Bar, an exotic treat for the taste buds, perfect for a weekday lunch or casual dinner with friends.

Get comfortable

180 Seats
Wheelchair access
All major cards except diners accepted
Eftpos accepted
Outdoor smoking area

Inhouse Events

Friday & Saturday Night Buffet with an international touch at $34.90 per head with live music

Cinnamon’s provide a broad number of food items which range from hoppers, kottu, stringhoppers, roti, an assortment of curry and rice alternatives, devilled and curried crabs, the famous’ambul thiyal’ and also a lot more yummy pleasures. There’s also an extensive selection of vegetarian choices. Cinnamon’s also offer you a few Western, Indian and Oriental dishes to suit all taste buds and add variety into the buffet menu.

Friday Executive Lunch Buffet: $20.00 per head from 12noon to 3pm

Perfect for busy office professionals or for those who want to sit back and relax on a Friday afternoon. Cinnamon’s offer a variety of rice and curries for all to enjoy.

Special Events:

Melbourne Cup Eve

Christmas Lunch
(details to follow)

Cinnamons Restaurants Event Enquiries

Founded from the most professional level of staffing and service, Cinnamon’s successful external catering service has functioned high quantity Sri Lankan occasions and lots of private parties. We appeal from amorous group parties in the restaurant into large corporate events for 1000s of guests in outside venues.

For all function bookings in the restaurant, please contact us at or speak to Michael de Silva on 03 9866 1681 who will work with you to create a truly memorable event.

Platters Menu

Chicken Biryani with boiled egg and Raita – $110.00 12 to 14

Lamb or Goat Biryani with boiled eggs and raita – $135.00 12 to 14

Saffron or Pilau Rice – $75.00 12 to 14

Steam Rice – $45.00 12 to 14

Special Fried Rice (shrimps, chicken and eggs) or Nasi Goreng – $135.00 12 to 14

Special Fried Noodles (Sri Lankan style) – $120.00 12 to 14

Chicken/Lamb/Beef Kottu – $135.00 12 to 14

Egg Kottu – $110.00 12 to 14

Egg and Cheese Kottu – $135.00 12 to 14

Stringhopper Biryani (with eggs and veg) – $115.00 12 to 14

Stringhoppers – $48.00 100 pcs

Parathas – $3.00 each

Egg Rotis – $4.50 each

Lamb, Beef, Pork or Goat Curry – $105.00 10

Chicken Curry (mild or spicy) – $75.00 10

Devilled Chicken, Beef or Pork – $95.00 10

Tandoori Chicken – $95.00 10

Roast Beef & Veg with pepper sauce – $135.00 10

Fish Curry (mild or spicy) or Ambul Thiyal – $95.00 12

Prawn Curry/Devilled Prawns – $135.00 12

Devilled Calamari – $105.00 12

Eggplant – $78.00 14 to 16

Lentil and Spinach Curry – $45.00 12

Spicy Potato stir fry or mild potato curry – $45.00 12

Cashew Curry – $78.00 12

Crème Caramel – $45.00 12

Coconut Pannacotta with Mango – $38.00 12

Mars Bar Cake – $55.00 16

Wattalappam – $65.00 16

Sticky Date Pudding – $55.00 16

Tiramisu – $55.00 16

Passionfruit Cheesecake – $55.00 16

Cherryripe Cake – $55.00 16

Fresh Fruit Platter – $48.00 10 to 12

Bittermelon Salad with beetroot – $35.00 10 to 12

Garden Salad – $18.00 10 to 12

Coconut Sambol, Pineapple Chutney, Raita, Sinhala Achcharu 15.00 large container

Seeni Sambol (Caramelised Onion) 22.00 large container

About Cinnamons Restaurants

There are honoured to have you as our Client and we look forward to serving you.

Since 2008, Cinnamon’s has distinguished itself by providing a true Sri Lankan culinary expertise in a truly household –run atmosphere. In the middle of the regional culinary revolution, Cinnamon’s remains steadfast in providing exceptional cuisine, attention to detail and above all the inviting presence of the Cinnamon’s family.

Cinnamon’s offer you the very best of authentic Sri Lankan food, filled with spices exciting into the taste buds.

Cinnamon’s dishes are all derived from conventional’Sinhalese, Muslim and Burgher’ cuisine. Along with traditional and established events, Chef Patricia de Silva regularly devises new and seasonal dishes to maintain updated menus innovative and modern.


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Cinnamons Restaurants
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Sarath Abaya

Awesome food, the buffet was too good. The ambience was also nice