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Ribs & Burgers
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 by Rebecca Lee

Great service, friendly staff and the food was delicious. The steaks were so tender and tasty and so were the beef ribs. Definitely will be returning when back in Sydney.

Ribs & Burgers Restaurant Menu store hours

Phone: (02) 8883 1600

Website: https://ribsandburgers.com/au

Head Office address: Shop 18E & 18F/2 Sentry Dr, Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768

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Ribs & Burgers is an Australian gourmet fast food restaurant chain founded in 2011 by Bradley Michael and Chad Rahme. The menu includes a range of classic-style burgers and other food items. which also owns other restaurants around Australia.

Here are the latest Ribs & Burgers Restaurants menu prices in Australia, Discover everything Ribs & Burgers Restaurants has on offer

Ribs & Burgers Restaurants Main Menu With Price

Ribs Menu With Price

Pork St Louis – 36.9

Pork St. Louis Ribs Offer The Classic Ribs Look And Taste – Only Ramped Up To Exceed Your Flavour Expectations.

Beef Ribs

Reg – 26.9
Lrg – 44.9

We Know, We Know, Our Beef Ribs Are So Mouthwateringly Beautiful That You Simply Have To Snap A Photo.

Pork Baby Back – 42.9

Most Fast Food Meals Are Ordered, Cooked, And Served Within The Space Of A Few Minutes – And You Can Tell. Not The Case With Our Pork Baby Back Ribs.

Burgers Price Menu

Flamed Peri Chicken – 12.9

Flavour, Flavour, Flavour. So Much It Starts In Your Mouth, Invades Your Nostrils, And Makes You Close Your Eyes To Take In As Much Of It As Possible.

Slow Cooked Lamb – 15.9

Enjoy Like A Greek, Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder, Inspired By The Land Of The Gods.

Old School Cheese – 11.9

There Are Some Things In Life That Are Better Left Exactly As They Are. Like The Original Ghostbusters Movie. And Like A Classic Old School Cheese Burger. When Something Is So Perfect Already, Why Change It?

Butcher’s Origina – l11.9

It’s Hard To Go Past The Butcher’s Original Burger. This Classic Beef Patty Is The Product Of Countless Tireless Hours Of Taste Testing, And Many More Hours Sourcing Some Of The Most Premium Cuts Of Meat In Australia.

Bacon & Cheese – 14.9

We Have Found One Way To Make Our Beef Burger Even Better – More Meat.

The Aussie – 17.5

More Attractive Than Chris Hemsworth, More Saucy Than Margot Robbie, And Outright More Australian Than Russell Crowe (Who Was Really Born In New Zealand), The Aussie Burger Is A National Icon.

Crispy Chicken – 12.9

Some Things Are Better Left To The Imagination. Not So For Our Crispy Chicken Burger – That’s A Job For Your Taste Buds.

Lemon & Herb Chicken – 12.9

We’ve Taken Our Classic Grilled Chicken, Lashed It With Copious Amounts Of Zesty Lemon And Herb Basting, And Served It Up With Fresh Tomato, Crispy Lettuce, And Real Onion.

Southern Chicken – 14.9

With Our Tasty Southern Chicken Burger, We’ve Created A Teleportation Device To Make Marty Mcfly Proud.

Grilled Chicken B.l.a.t – 15.9

It’s The Holy Grail Of Flavour Combos – The Infamous Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, And Tomato Quadruplet That’s Always A Formidable Competitor When You’re Attempting To Make Your Dinner Decision.

Mighty Burgers All Price Menu

Mighty Bacon & Cheese – 17.9

Forged In The Fires Of The Ribs & Burgers Grill, Lusted Over By Thousands, The Mighty Bacon & Cheese Burger Is The One Mighty To Rule Them All.

Wagyu Vintage Cheese – 16.9

You’ve Already Fallen Head Over Heels For Our Mighty Big Cheese, Now It’s Time To Take Your Love Affair One Step Further And Delve Into A Wagyu Vintage Cheese.

Mighty Big Cheese – 16.9

You’ve Already Fallen Head Over Heels For Our 1/4 Kilo Angus Original, Now It’s Time To Take Your Love Affair One Step Further And Delve Into A Mighty Big Cheese.

Meat-free Burgers Menu Price

Beyond Old School Cheese – 14.9

We’re Not Exactly Sure How They Managed It, But We’re Assuming It Involved Some Kind Of Black Magic, And Potentially A Ritualistic Pumpkin Sacrifice Under A Full Moon.

Superfood Burger – 14.9

This Nutritious Patty Includes Spinach, Parsley, Peas, Garlic, Chili, Turmeric, And Cinnamon, And Is Far More Delicious Than Is Fair For A Burger So Healthy.

Knife And Fork Price Menu

Atlantic Salmon – 23.9

For This Dish, We Lightly Season The Meat To Enhance The Wonderful Natural Flavours Of The Fish, And Serve With Chips Or Apple Cabbage Salad On The Side.

Double Lemon & Herb Chicken – 17.9

We Think Deep Frying Chicken Breast Is A Travesty. We Think Mushing Chicken Breast Into An Unrecognisable Pulp Is An Embarrassment.

Grass-fed Rump – 26.9

400 Grams Of Premium Beef, Which Has Been Lovingly Basted And Carefully Flame-grilled For The Ultimate In Flavour.

Double Peri Chicken – 17.9

We Think Deep Frying Chicken Breast Is A Travesty. We Think Mushing Chicken Breast Into An Unrecognisable Pulp Is An Embarrassment.

Wraps Menu All Price

Chicken & Mayo – 10.9

Our Chicken & Mayo Wrap Might Not Be A Thing Of Instagram Beauty – But It Is A Thing Of Taste Bud Beauty.

Chicken & Peri – 10.9

Chillies, Citrus, And A Handful Of The Tastiest Spices And Herbs On The Planet – It’s A Basic Recipe

Greek Lamb – 14.9

When You’re Ready To Make A Change In Your Life, But You’re Not Quite Prepared For A New Haircut, A Lamb Shoulder Wrap Could Be Just The Ticket.

Salads & Sides Price Menu

Apple Cabbage Salad – 7.9

You Won’t Find Any Wilted Bits Of Chopped Cabbage, Or Dry, Browning Bites Of Apple In Our Salad – It’s All Fresh Produce That Promises A Healthy Crunch With Every Bite.

Greek Salad – 10.9

At Ribs & Burgers, Everything We Do Is About Being Real. Even Though We Love Our Premium Beef, We Put Just As Much Effort And Thought Into Our Salads, Including This Delectable Greek Salad.

Loaded Cheesy Chips – 8.9

Any Chip Connoisseur Knows That There’s Chips, And Then There’s Cheesy Chips.

Sweet Potato Fries – 7.9

Crispy On The Outside, Soft On The Inside, And Golden All Over, Our Sweet Potato Fries Are The Kind Of Thing You Daydream About During Work At 3pm On A Monday.

Famous Chips – 6.9

There Are Times In Life When All You Need Is A Generous Serving Of Steaming Hot Potato Chips.

Dips – 2

When You’re At Home, There’s Always A Huge Pile Of Dips And Sauces To Choose From – Even If You Do Have To Smack The Bottle Against Your Hand To Get It Out.

Chicken Wings – 12.9

Let’s Be Real (We Do That A Lot), Everyone Knows Chicken Wings Are One Of The Messiest Foods You Could Ever Eat.

Golden Tenders – 12.9

Your First Bite Of Our Golden Tenders Will Make You Stop And Stare Around At This Wondrous New Heaven You’ve Found Yourself In.

Little Butcher Menu With Price

Little Beef Burger & Chips – 9.9

If Your Young One Can Manage To Eat An Entire Adult-sized Beef Burger, Impressed Wouldn’t Even Begin To Cover It.

Little Chicken Burger & Chips – 9.9

Silence. Pure, Beautiful Silence. At Least From Your Little One. That’s The Possible Magic Available With The Little Chicken Burger And Chips.

Kids’ Golden Tenders & Chips – 9.9

The Love Of Chicken Tenders Is Ageless – It All Begins With That Very First Crunchy, Golden, Delicious Bite, And It Lasts A Lifetime.

Thickshakes Menu And Price

Milo Shake – 8.9

Like A Fine White Wine Pairs Perfectly With A Fish Meal, This Milo Thickshake Is Simply Made To Complement Your Ribs & Burgers Feast.

Vanilla Malt Shake – 8.9

We Would Never Even Consider Serving Up A Meal That’s Anything Less Than Mouthwatering Complete Perfection. However, A Burger Without A Drink Is Like Sherlock Without Watson, Like Han Solo Without Chewy, Like Batman Without Robin. Still Amazing Mind You, But Not The Unstoppable Pair They Could Be.

Salted Caramel Shake – 8.9

Sweet, Frosty, Thick, Refreshing, And Just A Little Bit Salty – There’s So Much That’s Right About Our Salted Caramel Thickshake That It’s The Kind Of Drink That Can Make You Forget You’ve Got A Delicious Burger In Front Of You As Well. It’s Also The Kind Of Drink That You Pop In For On A Hot Day When You Just Want Something Tasty To Cool You Down And Satisfy That Snack Craving.

Cookies & Cream Thickshake – 8.9

They Say That Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy. And We Absolutely Stand By This Statement – Especially When It Comes To Thickshakes.

Ribs & Burgers Restaurants Near Me Locations

Please, search Ribs & Burgers Restaurants near me locations from the map below. if you find your near by Ribs & Burgers Restaurants location, click on the map shown below and nearest Ribs & Burgers Restaurants venue around you will automatically pop up on your map. Also, use this Ribs & Burgers Restaurants locator tool to find Ribs & Burgers Restaurants near you.

Ribs & Burgers Restaurants Hours

Monday 11:00 am – 9:30 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am – 9:30 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am – 9:30 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 9:30 pm
Friday  11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday  11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 9:30 pm

Ribs & Burgers Restaurants Coupons

Ribs & Burgers – FREE 10,000 Beyond Burger via App – Valid until Mon, 28th Mar
Download the R&B app and get a Free Beyond Burger. Easy peasy.

Ribs & Burgers Restaurants Coupons

10,000 units available.

The promo ends on the 28th March. While stock lasts.

R&b Launches Plant Based Burgers In Australia

Ribs & Burgers offers two new hamburgers that cater to people who wish to swap out their mythical beef patties to get a plant-based substitute which does not taste like cardboard.

By March 11, diners will have the ability to purchase Ribs & Burgers'”Beyond Old School Cheese” and”Beyond Original” hamburgers, which utilize the exact same sauces and components out of their renowned”Old Scool Cheese” and”Original” hamburgers, but diluting the beef patty using all the 100% plant-based patties out of US food technician firm Beyond Meat.

The Beyond Burger Patty contains 20 g of protein that is fermented, consists of legumes, and even”bleeds” just like the actual thing. It cooked the appropriate way: over the fire grill, even although health-conscious beans lovers will be very happy to understand that it contains zero cholesterol.

“The cooperation with Beyond Meat is a fantastic case of flavour and food innovation — it’s replicated the flavor and texture of beef, however, is 100% plant based,” states Ribs & Burgers Food Manager, Etienne Lubbe. It is even produced without using GMOs, soy, or glutenfree, and packs more iron and protein than beef, but using significantly less saturated fat and total fat.

“Whilst the’Ribs & Burgers past’ menu was made in response to this global trend towards fermented diets, the flavour blend and feel ensures it’s going to interest even the most committed meat enthusiast,” lasted Lubbe.

The Ribs & Burgers Butcher’s Club

Although We Know You Will Enjoy Our Ribs And Hamburgers And Return To That Succulent Beef Anyhow, We Have Upped The Ante With The Butcher’s Club. The Butcher’s Club Is The Loyalty Programme That Rewards You Every Time You Come In To Get A Bite To Eat.

You’re Going To Get Up To 10% Money Back Credit In Addition To Loyalty Points Simply For Being A Part Of This Club.

Ribs & Burgers News

Slow Cooked Lamb

Enjoy Like A Greek, Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder, Inspired By The Land Of The Gods.

Double Peri Chicken

We Think Deep Frying Chicken Breast Is A Travesty. We Think Mushing Chicken Breast Into An Unrecognisable Pulp Is An Embarrassment.

The Review That Changed Our Entire Business – I Am Not A Food Blogger, But I’ll Take A Look…

When A Review Changes Your Business Perspective.

Ribs & Burgers Goes Plant-based

No Meat No Worries. R&b Launches Plant Based Burgers In Australia

Burg’s Enjoyed By All

Now All Your Mates Can Enjoy A Burg Whether They’re Vegos Or Trying To Keep Their Red Meat Intake Down!

3 Reasons Why Wagyu Is The Best Beef In The World

Wagyu Beef Originates From Japan And Is Considered By Many The Best Beef On The Planet. When It Comes To Burgers, There’s Beef, And Then There’s Wagyu.

How Japanese Culture Has Influenced Australia

From Gwen Stefani’s Obsession With Harajuku Girls To The Hollywood Adaptation Of Memoirs Of A Geisha Gracing The Silver Screen, There’s No Doubt That Japanese Culture Has Reached Far Beyond The Borders Of Japan.

How To Make The Perfect Beef Burger At Home

Once You Have Your Prime Mince It’s Time To Get Down To Business. Put The Mince In A Large Bowl And Season With Salt And Pepper.

The Burger Breakdown: A Spotlight On Our Best Burgers

When It Comes To Burgers, We’ve Got It Down. Burgers Is In Our Name And Our Nature, And We Have Fined-tuned Our Menu To Perfection. Our Burgers Are Packed To The Brim With Flavour And

Japanese Cuisine That Isn’t Just Sushi

When You Say Japanese Food, Most People Will Immediately Think Of Sushi, But That’s Just The Tip! What Other Dishes Can You Try?

Want To Work With Ribs & Burgers?

Can You Love Hamburgers?

Would You Like To Sing In The Shower?

Can You Have A Passion And Love For People?

There Folks Are Genuine, Just Like Our Food. We’ve Made An Exciting Work Setting, Were We Care For Our People So They Look After Our Clients, Exactly The Exact Same Way They’d Care For Their Families. Minus The Struggles At Christmas!

They’re Searching For People Who Exude Heat And Discuss Our Food And Enjoy Of Support.

They’re Searching For Folks To Join Our Loved Ones, Learn, Grow And Share.

Loyalty Card FAQs – Ribs & Burgers

What is the Ribs & Burgers Loyalty App?

The Ribs & Burger App is a devotion program with a number of tiers (Blue, Silver & Gold). Loyalty program members start their travel within the blue grade and receive 5 percent Cash-Back charge on each trade and the extra advantage of accumulating Loyalty Points for each dollar invested Ribs & Burgers nationally. Get eating and make more intriguing rewards as you work your way to Gold!

What is the difference between Cash-Back credit and Loyalty Point? Where can I redeem my credit and points?

Cash-Back credit = Accumulate Cash-Back credit with dollar value that can be used on future purchases.

Loyalty Points = Accumulated when you transact or through social interaction like sharing, commenting and checking in on social media.

What do I do if I already have a Ribs & Burgers card?

Just download the program and enroll, after that you can join your present Butcher’s subscription card from the program. After this is completed, all of your previous transactions and balance will be moved to the NEW program account. Please bear in mind that our program is only going to permit you to join the bodily membership card when it is registered under precisely the exact same email address. 

Is there a limit on the amount of Cash-Back credit/Loyalty Points? And when do they expire?

There is no limitation on how much Cash-Back credit or Loyalty Points you could accumulate in the loyalty program. However, all Cash-Back credit and Loyalty Points will expire exactly 12 months from the date the credit/points were earned, If not already redeemed in this same 12 month time period.

For example, you earned $5 and 1000 points on 03/08/2017, if they are not redeemed before 03/08/2018, our system will automatically expire them from your account.

About Ribs & Burgers Restaurants

They also have a restaurant at Teddington, UK, and one in Pretoria, South Africa. In 2016, in reaction to a trend of’odd’ hamburgers, Ribs & Burgers found a’Mutant Burger’ an electrical blue-coloured hamburger.

Envision being a gentleman, understanding about all of the gorgeous flowers on the market, but just ever visiting weeds in public gardens.
That is somewhat like what it had been like for the group supporting Ribs & Burgers.

Having a solid background in butcherywe understood about all of the amazing cuts of beef on the market, in addition to the way to cook them to perfection, but we climbed just increasingly frustrated as Aussie pork and ribs joints did not correctly prepare and serve those unique meats.

And so, Ribs & Burgers started, with the objective of offering boutique design quality beef — minus the high cost or the extended wait times.


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Ribs & Burgers
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Rebecca Lee

Great service, friendly staff and the food was delicious. The steaks were so tender and tasty and so were the beef ribs. Definitely will be returning when back in Sydney.