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Head Office address: Shop J6/317 Cheltenham Rd, Keysborough VIC 3173, Australia

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Food is always really yummy. It’s a shame the reviews are so bad because I’ve never had any issues and keep coming back, it’s my go to place for a yummy not over complicated simple meal.

Here are the latest The Red Balloon menu prices and location in Australia, Discover everything The Red Balloon has on offers.

The Red Balloon Main Menu With Price


Raisin Toast or Toast $5.00

2 slices of toast with your choice of butter, jam or vegemite.

French Toast $12.00

Dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with maple syrup.

Buttermilk Pancakes $15.00

Dusted with icing sugar, with maple syrup, with maple syrup, cream or ice cream.

Egg and Bacon Toasted $10.00

Fried egg and grilled bacon toasted sandwich.

BLT $11.00

Grilled bacon, fresh tomato and lettuce with garlic aioli

Ham and Cheese Croissant $12.00

Monte Cristo $14.00

French toasted shaved ham and tasty cheese sandwich.

EB Wrap $15.00

Scrambled eggs, grilled bacon, hash brown and bbq sauce in a tortilla wrap.

Brekky Focaccia $17.00

Fried eggs, bacon, cheese, hash brown and tomato relish.

Eggs on Toast $12.00

2 eggs served fried, poached or scrambled.

Classic $16.00

Toast, grilled bacon or beef chipolatas and toast, 2 eggs.

Deluxe $25.00

2 eggs, toast, grilled bacon, chipolatas, tomato, mushrooms and a hash brown.

Veggo – Breakfast $21.00

Tomato, mushrooms, spinach and toast, 2 eggs.

Avocado Toast $18.00

Mashed avocado, fetta and rocket.

Eggs Benedict from $21.00

Poached eggs on a toasted English muffin, topped with hollandaise.

Eggs Florentine – spinach and mushrooms….
Eggs Atlantic – smoked salmon.*Eggs Mediterranean – chorizo, fetta and semidried tomato.

Omelettes from $15.00

4 egg omelette.

Bacon or Ham – with tasty cheese and grilled tomato.
Veggo – spinach, mushrooms, tomato and cheese.*Mega – bacon, ham, mushrooms, tomato, onions and cheese.

Early Bird Breakfast Specials

Red Hot Deal $13.00

Fried egg, bacon sandwich, and your choice of a cup of coffee, tea or glass of orange juice.

Value Deal $14.00

2 eggs on toast and your choice of a cup of coffee, tea or glass of orange juice.

Classic Deal $18.00

Classic brekky with a cup of coffee, tea or glass of orange juice.

Appetizers and Salads

Light Chicken Schnitzel from $15.50

With your choice of chips or salad and your choice of scalloped potatoes or roast vegetables.

Nachos $17.00

Corn chips, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, tasty cheese and jalapenos.

Caesar Salad from $18.50

Cos lettuce, shaved parmesan, crispy bacon, croutons, anchovies and cream caesar dressing topped with a soft poached egg.

House Salad $18.50

Tomato, onion, beetroot, carrot, cucumber, pineapple, boiled egg, tasty cheese, mixed lettuce and coleslaw with a side dressing.


Veggo Focaccia $15.00

Grilled eggplant, capsicum, tomato, onion, spinach, napoli sauce and tasty cheese.

Chicken Focaccia $15.00

Fresh chicken, avocado, tasty cheese and mayonnaise.

Hawaiian Focaccia $15.00

Shaved leg ham, pineapples, tasty cheese and mayonnaise.

Milano Focaccia $15.00

Hungarian salami, capsicum, tomato, onion, black olives and tasty cheese.

Schnitzel Focaccia $16.00

Grilled chicken breast schnitzel, lettuce, tasty cheese and aioli.

Tandoori Focaccia $16.00

Marinated chicken breast, baby spinach, tasty cheese and yoghurt.

Hot Sandwiches

Chicken Schnitzel – Hot Sandwich $14.00

With lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise.

Roast Beef – Hot Sandwich $14.00

With gravy or apple sauce.

Roast Pork – Hot Sandwich $14.00

With gravy or apple sauce.

Steak – Hot Sandwich $16.00

Angus Scotch fillet, grilled onions, mixed lettuce, tomato and sauce.

Steak Lot – Hot Sandwich $20.00

Angus Scotch fillet, egg, bacon, cheese, grilled onions, mixed lettuce, tomato and sauce.

Open Grilled Sandwiches

Tropical Melt $18.50

Shaved leg ham, tasty cheese and pineapple.

Bacon Melt $18.50

Grilled bacon, tomato and tasty cheese.

Ham Melt $18.50

Shaved leg ham, tomato and tasty cheese.

Chicken Melt $19.50

Chicken, avocado and tasty cheese.

Turkey Melt $20.50

Turkey breast, cranberry sauce, avocado and tasty cheese.


Served on a sesame seed bun with hot chips.

Cheese Burger $12.50

Beef patty, grilled onions, cheese, mixed lettuce, tomato and sauce.

Aloha Burger $15.50

Beef patty, grilled onions, bacon, pineapple, cheese, mixed lettuce, tomato and sauce.

True Blue Burger $15.50

Beef patty, grilled onions, bacon, cheese, egg, tomato, beetroot, mixed lettuce and sauce.

Zeus Burger $16.50

Lamb patty, feta cheese, tzatziki, grilled onions, tomato and mixed lettuce.

Chicky Babe Burger $16.50

Chicken breast, tomato, avocado, cheese, mixed lettuce and chipotle sauce.

Americano Burger $16.50

Beef, bacon, cheese, pickles, tomato, lettuce, onion rings, mustard and sauce.

Hercules Burger $21.00

Double beef patty or bacon or cheese or onions, tomato, mixed lettuce, chipotle and fried egg.

Mains Menu

Beef Lasagne $17.50

Layers of pasta, bolognese sauce, mozzarella and tasty cheese topped with a delicious bechamel sauce.

Fish $22.50

Blue grenadier served with lemon and tartare sauce. Served with chips and garden salad.

Salt and Pepper Squid $22.50

Served with lemon and aioli. Served with chips and garden salad.

Seafood Basket $22.50

Mixed crumbed or battered seafood served with lemon and tartare. Served with chips and garden salad.

Chicken Schnitzel – Mains $22.50

Chicken breast schnitzel and served with a lemon wedge. Served with chips and garden salad.

Roast Pork Dinner $22.50

Served with your choice of gravy or apple sauce.

Roast Beef Dinner $22.50

Served with your choice of gravy or apple sauce.

Chicken Parmigiana $26.50

Chicken schnitzel topped with shaved leg ham, napoli sauce and melted tasty cheese. Served with chips and garden salad.

Mixed Grill $31.00

Angus Scotch fillet steak, beef patty, beef chipolatas and bacon. Served with chips and garden salad.

Porterhouse Steak $33.50

320g-340g of black angus


Assorted Sandwich from $9.00

Egg Sandwich from $9.00

With lettuce and mayonnaise.

Salad Sandwich from $9.00

With beetroot, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, Spanish onions and tomato.

Ham and Salad Sandwich from $11.00

Chicken and Salad Sandwich from $11.00

Salami and Salad Sandwich from $11.00

Tuna and Salad Sandwich from $11.00

Cold Roast Beef Sandwich from $9.00

With fruit chutney.

Chicken Sandwich from $11.00

With avocado and cheese.

Turkey Breast Sandwich from $13.50

With avocado, cranberry and tasty cheese.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich from $15.00

With cream cheese, cucumber, capers and Spanish onions.


Dim Sims $1.20

Beef and lamb.

Potato Cakes $1.60

Hot Chips $5.00

Seasoned Wedges $6.00

Chicken Wings $4.00

Beef Croquettes $4.00

Cheesy Chicken Croquettes $4.20

Spring Rolls $4.50

Meat and vegetables.

Seafood Sticks $2.00

Battered Sav $4.00


Kransky $4.50

Chicken Souvlaki Skewers $6.00

Battered Flake $8.00


Flat White from $4.50

Cappucino from $4.50

Latte from $4.50

Piccolo Latte from $4.50

Short Black from $4.50

Long Black from $4.50

Ristretto from $4.50

Macchiato from $4.50

Hot Chocolate from $4.50

Chai Latte from $5.00

Dirty Chai from $5.00

Mocha from $5.00

Affogato from $5.00


English Breakfast Tea $4.50

Earl Grey Tea $4.50

Green Tea Jasmine $4.50

Chai Tea $4.50

Peppermint Tea $4.50

Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee $8.50

Chocolate Iced $8.50

Iced Mocha $8.50

Iced Latte $7.50

Milkshakes $7.50

Thickshakes from $9.50

Juice $4.50

Iced Teas $4.50

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Sunday 7:30am–5pm

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