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Tommy's Beer Cafe Menu store hours

Phone: (02) 9660 6870


Head Office address: 123 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia

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Legend has it that Tommy emerged from a glowing volcanic rock at the crater of Mt. Vesuvius. Others claim he mysteriously appeared from the depths of the frozen Siberian Tundra mud. Based in the bustling community of Glebe, Tommy’s is right in the middle of a myriad Bars, restaurants, shops and curiosity stores.

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Tommy’s Beer Cafe Main Menu With Price

Snacks Menu

Pretzel $5.5

Freshly baked & served with butter.

Pork crackling $5.5

Shoe string crispy pork cracklings.

Bread basket $6.5

An assortment of continental bread with garlic & herb butter.

Haloumi cheese $7.9

Grilled cheese on pickled cabbage and cranberry.

Potato pancake $6.9

Pan fried mini potato marjoram pancakes and horseradish cream.

Mini hot dogs $8.2

Two vienna veal cocktail sausages, freshly baked bread rolls, tomato & sauce Crunchy cabbage and mustard-onion salsa.

Grilled csabai $7.9

Spicy hungarian sausage with rye bread and mustard.

Traditional smoked cheese $9.5

Seasonal cheese directly from cold smoke-house.

Crumbed champignons $14.9

Golden fried button mushrooms served with pickled gherkin aioli.

Buffalo cheek $13.9

Slowly braised buffalo cheek on parsley potato mash, pork crackling, dark beer and rosehip jus.

Trio of dips $14.9

The home-made duck liver paté, soft beer cheese, roast pork pate served with a freshly baked pretzel and bread.

Smoke house $18.9

Hungarian csabai sausage and matured edam cheese from our cold smoke house, cold cut pork belly, mustard, horseradish, pickled selection and bread.

One meter sausage (32 cents per centimetre) $32

The longest sausage in town! massive 100cm sausage on wooden slab, served with a bowl of chips.

Mains Menu

Slovak halusky $22.9

Home made baby potato gnocchi, creamy bryndza cheese and bacon.

Strapacky $22.9

Home made baby potato gnocchi pan-fried with sauerkraut and crispy bacon.

Hungarian veal goulash $24.9

Traditional hot paprika goulash served with dumplings.

Shepherd’s bag $25.9

Sautéed chicken breast, mushrooms, shallots, capsicum, hot paprika, tomato salsa and red wine in a potato pancake with melted cheese.

Svieckova $25.9

A traditional czech recipe, marinated and braised eye fillet in creamy root vegetable sauce served with steamed dumplings.

Sausage platter $25.9

German bratwurst, swiss bratwurst, cheese debreziner served on mashed potato, sauerkraut, beer jus, mustard and condiments.

Pork belly $26.9

Slowly roasted pork belly with crackling on mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, apple chutney and grilled csabai.

Roasted duck $29.9

Roasted free range half-duck served with traditional bread dumplings and braised red cabbage.

Mixed platter $32

A tasting platter of veal schnitzel on mash, roasted duck on braised red cabbage and pork belly on sauerkraut.

Schnitzels Menu

Cheese schnitzel $22.9

Crumbed edam cheese served with your choice of mashed potatoes or french fries and gherkin aioli (VEGETARIAN).

Hunter schnitzel $22.9

Crumbed chicken breast, mashed potatoes, creamy herbed mushroom sauce and salad.

Vienna schnitzel $25.9

Crumbed veal escallops, parsley potatoes and lemon.

Swiss veal schnitzel $26.9

Crumbed veal escallops topped with melted cheese and smoked ham, french fries and gherkin aioli.

Oktoberfest giant pork schnitzel $28.9

A golden fried giant schnitzel served with french fries and spicy tomato relish.

Sides Menu

French fries $6.9

Mashed potatoes $6.9

Parsley potatoes $6.9

Braised red cabbage $6.9

Sauerkraut $6.9

Bread dumplings $6.9

Fresh cabbage $6.9

Mixed pickled vegetables $6.9

Party menu

(A minimum of 6 people for a set menu. Price is per person. Please book in advance, or allow extra time for preparation)

Bohemian platter $35.5

Degustation entree and bohemian platter $42.5

Degustation entree, bohemian platter and traditional strudel $48.5

The entree includes: trio of dips, pork cracklings, crumbed mushrooms, pretzels, bread

The bohemian platter includes: roasted duck, schnitzel, pork belly, grilled csabai sausage, sauerkraut, braised red.

Buffet serves up to 25 people set price $1200

This banquet includes snacks on arrival, buffet with range of salads, breads and other dishes. They house chef will serve the banquet on the night in private room of your choice. Marinaded in dark beer and cooked slowly for 7 hours on our charcoal garden spit Please talk to our friendly staff to arrange your next celebration with monumental suckling pig.

Tommy’s Beer Cafe Drinks Menu With Price

Absinths Menu

MR jekyl 55% $12.5

Stimulate your senses with sugar and water fountain (german)

Green fairy 60% $13.5

From a distillery dates back to 1518 (czech)

Dabel red 60% $15.5

Red evil absinthe (czech)

Pernod grande absente 69% $16.5

Served with water fountain 35mg/kg of thuyone n (french)

Mixed Drinks

Rumer $9.9

Czech key rum, vanilla, lime and fizzy squash

Beton $9.9

Czech becherovka, tonic and fresh lemon

R & A $13.9

Czech vanilla rum, almond liqueur, orange, lime and brown sugar

Applesinth $16.5

Green fairy absinth, cloudy apple and flaming sugar

Lemonade Joe $11.8

Funky long fizzy mix of czech vanilla rum, lemon becherovka, fresh lemon and lemonade

European Spirits & Liqueurs

Becherovka $8.9

A traditional herb & spice recipe founded 1807, delicious spirit with original taste, also available in a lemon variant (czech)

Vilmos $8.9

Premium hungarian pear brandy (hungary)

Palinka Birkas $8.9

Traditional williams pear palinka (hungary)

Slivovitz $8.9

Spirit of eastern europe made from plums (czech)

Slivovitz gold $10.9

A 10-year aged premium gold plum brandy alc vol 50% (czech)

Borovicka $8.9

The traditional slovak spirit made of juniberries (slovakia)

Tuzemak rum $8.9

Svejk’s traditional czech rum (czech)

Fernet $8.9

Herb-based spirit, lemon flavour best served with tonic and fresh lemon

Fernet citrus $8.9

Herb-based spirit, lemon flavour (czech)

Bergfeuer 50% $12.5

Tirolean finest alpine spirit (austria)

Zubrowka bison vodka $9.5

The result of a tradition going back to the 14th century (poland)

Jagermeister $9.5

A German digestif made with 56 herbs and spices

Unicum zwack or Sliva $9

Hungarian herb liqueur since 1790 (hungary)

Lindenhof butterscotch $9.5

Smooth, soft toffee taste, enjoy it ice-cold (germany)

White Wine

Secret Garden chardonnay $9/$45

Big Rivers NSW

Thomas Goss riesling $9.5/$47

Adelaide Hills SA

Garfish pinot grigio $9/$47

Adelaide Hills

Lost Turtle sauv/blanc $9/$45

Marlborough NZ

Stonefish chardonnay $9.5/$47

Margaret River

Alliance de Loire Rose $8/$47

Loire Valley FRANCE

Red Wine

Secret Garden cab/sav $9/$45

Big Rivers NSW

Happs pinot noir $9.5/$47

Margaret River WA

Kilikanoon GMS 2015 $9.5/$47

Clare valley

Cape Margaret Cabernet Sauvignon $9.5/$47

Margaret River WA

Stonefish reserve shiraz $9.5/$47

Barossa valley NSW

Scarpantoni block 3 shiraz $65

McLaren Vale SA

Sparkling Wine

Blue Nun Gold edition $9/$45

22 carat gold leaves ( Germany)

Di Gorgio pinot 200ml $10.5

Noir chardonnay piccolo

Soft Drinks Menu

Mineral water 500ml $5.8

Soft Drinks $5.5

Coca cola, sprite, diet cola, lift, tonic water, raspberry lemonade, soda lemon

Lemon, Lime & Bitters $5.8

Juices $5.5

Orange, apple, cranberry

Tea & Coffee

Coffee $4.5

Ristretto, short black, long black, machiatto,

Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, Mocha $4.5

Hot chocolate, chai latte $4.5

Organic loose leaf teas $4.8

Earl grey, english breakfast, green sencha, chamomile, peppermint

Beer on Tap Menu

Gambrinus pilsner 0.33l $6.2 | 0.5l $9.9

Brewed in the city of pilsner, pale gold colour with a deliciously bitter taste,
alc vol 5%

Budejovicky budvar lager 0.33l $6.2 | 0.5l $10.9

Continuing 700 years of the finest traditional czech lager brewing method,
90-day maturing period, alc vol 5%

Pilsner urquell 0.33l $6.5 | 0.5l $10.9

The original Czech pilsner brewed with noble saaz hops and soft water of Plzen, alc vol 4.4%

Cernovar dark lager 0.33l $6.2 | 0.5l $9.9

Classic dark lager from five types of malt, nutty brown colour, thick dark amber head, czech republic, alc vol 4.9%

Czech cut 0.33l $6.2 | 0.5l $10.9

A blend of dark & regular lager is a tradition of czech beer lovers featuring a perfect amber colour, alc vol 4.9%

Liebenweiss beer 0.33l $6.5 | 0.5l $10.9

A german wheat beer, full-bodied yet zesty in flavour flavour which is the result of a high proportion of wheat malt and high carbonation, alc vol 5.5%

Snake bite 0.5l $10.9

Lager and mango syrup

Crystal lager 0.33l $8.9

Lager infused with german gold sparkling wine

Diesel or shandy 0.5l $9.9

Cernovar lager with coca cola or sprite

Bottled Beer Menu

Erdinger non-alcoholic 0.33l $7.5

The world’s best low-alcohol beer, alc vol less than 0.4%

Erdinger weissbier 0.5l $12.9

The best german wheat beer, alc vol 5.3%

Staropramen 0.5l $11.9

Prague brewer since 1869, soft malty flavour, gentle bitterness
Brwing since 1869, alc vol 5.0%

Zywiec 0.5l $11.9

A traditional lager from poland, since 1852, alc vol 5.6%

Velkopopovicky kozel dark 0.5l $10.5

‘’Billy goat’’ a smooth lager style dark malt, brewed in czech town plzen,
alc vol 3.8%

Dreher bak 0.5l $13.9

An old fashioned hungarian dark beer, alc vol 7.30%

Dreher lager 0.5l $11.9

hungarian lager beer, alc vol 5.30%

Celia 0.33l $8.9

Organic Gluten Free czech lager, alc vol. 4.5%

Floris cherry beer 0.33l $9.5

Cherry belgian wheat beer, 30% pure fruit, alc vol 3.6%

Floris passion fruit beer 0.33l $9.5

Passionfruit belgian wheat beer, 30% pure fruit, alc vol 3.6%

Delirium tremens 0.33l $14.5

Selected as the ‘’best beer in the world ‘’, a full bodied belgian beer with a dry finish and three types of yeast, alc vol 8.5%

Tommy’s Beer Cafe Near Me Locations

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Tommy’s Beer Cafe Hours


Tommy’s Beer Cafe Events

Tommy’s 10th anniversary:

Tommy’s Beer Cafe turns 10 – how time flies! For over a decade we are proudly serving authentic Slovak & Czech cuisine.

Pig on the spit banquet:

Now that easing restrictions allow bookings of up to 30 people it’s time to celebrate with a big pig on the spit banquet! The tasty, juicy pig banquet serves 25 people at a set price of $1200. The banquet includes snacks on arrival, buffet with a range of salads, bread and other dishes. Our chef will serve the banquet in a private room or if availability in the beer garden.

Father’s Day at Tommy’s 2019:

Come and celebrate Father’s Day at Tommy’s – with spit roasted pork and finest European beers on tap an event not to miss!

Hunting season at Tommy’s:

Come to Tommy’s between 23rd to 28th July to enjoy traditional European hunting recipes – but hurry as spaces are limited.

About Tommy’s Beer Cafe

Tommy was there when beer was spread through Europe by Germanic and Celtic tribes as far back as 3000 BC. Fortunately Tommy is still with us today to provide the only remedy known to man for raging thirst from a hard day’s labor.

In one incident many years ago, an agitated man with a musket was quickly disarmed with an ice cold beer, goulash and the charming smiles of a European waitress. To this day the “musket man” remains a good customer and friend of Tommy’s. Here at Tommy’s Beer Cafe, you can quench your thirst, satisfy the most ravenous hunger and enjoy the eclectic atmosphere as you pass the time with friends and strangers alike.

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Tommy's Beer Cafe Menu
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