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Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse Menu
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Phone: 02 9295 5080


Head Office address: 29a King St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse has led the way in beef trends on the Sydney food scene since 1994. It’s easy to see why Kingsleys has such a loyal customer base which has developed over the decades as Kingsleys is renowned for its premium beef, exceptional service and humble atmosphere.

Here are the latest Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse menu prices and location in Australia, Discover everything Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse has on offers.

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse Main Menu With Price

Rock Oysters Menu

Oysters grow naturally on the rocks of estuaries along the Eastern Australian coastline, from Wingan Inlet in eastern VIC to Moreton Bay in QLD.
These native oysters are known as Sydney Rock Oysters.

Natural| Kilpatrick| Wasabi & Lime Dressing

Half DOZ $27.00
Full DOZ $48.00

To Share Menu

Sonoma Sourdough Bread $7.00

with salted butter

Mixed Marinated Olives $8.00

Pan-Fried Chorizo $13.00

with basil & mint

Potato blini $24.00

Herb Creme Fraiche $24.00

Yarra Valley Salmon Roe $24.00

Charcuterie Board $36.00

Rork Rillette $36.00

Chicken Liver Parfait $36.00

Wagyu $36.00

Bresaola, House Pickles, Bread Selection

Entree Menu

Salt Roasted Beetroot $19.00

Goats Cheese $19.00

Radicchio Aged Balsamic $19.00

Hazelnuts $19.00

Carpaccio of Pasture Fed Beef $20.00

Truffled Mayonnaise $20.00

Pecorino $20.00

Baby Capers $20.00

Prawns $22.00

Garlic Lemon $22.00

Parsley $22.00

Salt ‘N’ Pepper Squid $19.00

Roast garlic Aioli, Lemon

Cured Alantic Salmon $19.00

Pastrami, Rye Toast

Blue Swimmer Crab Meat $22.00

Toasted Brioche $22.00

Roast Tomato $22.00

Shellfish Butter $22.00

Mains Menu

Rack of Junee Lamb $42.00

glazed Onions, Baby Peas $42.00

Jus $42.00

Beef Wellington $54.00

Thyme Roast Baby Carrots $54.00

Red Wine Jus $54.00

Silverbeet $39.00

Fried chickpeas $39.00

Caramelised Mustard $39.00

Crsipy Skin Aylesbury Duck Breast $42.00

Glazed Radicchio $42.00

Red Currants $42.00

Roast Cauliflower Steak $24.00

Tahini Yoghurt $24.00

Raisins $24.00

Pine Nuts $24.00

Curry $24.00

Side Salads

Garden Salad $10.00

Wedge Salad $11.00

Bacon $11.00

Blue Cheese Dressing $11.00

Chives $11.00

Accompaniments Menu

Onion rings $9.00

Grilled Asparagus $14.00

Burrata $14.00

Salad Chilli $14.00

Cauliflower Gratin $12.00

Rosemary $12.00

Parmesan $12.00

Seasonal Greens $10.00

Almonds $10.00

Brown Butter $10.00

Steaks Menu

Riverina Grass Fed Beef, NSW

Grass Fed Beef is the healthy option. It has four times more Vitamin E than Grain Fed Beef.
It is marbled with high levels of Omega 3 fats (good fats).
Petite Fillet YG 160g $39.00
Petite Fillet Surf & Turf with Prawns 160g $45.00
Eye Fillet YG 200g $48.00
Fillet Mignon with bacon & roast garlic butter 200g $49.00

Grasslands Premium Beef – NSW

Grasslands Beef is a premium, free range beef brand that provides an exceptional quality eating experience. 24-30 Months old. Minimum MBS 2+ MSA Graded
Rib-Eye 300g $54.00
Rib-Eye Surf & Turf with Prawns 300g $59.00
Petite Sirloin YG 200g $42.00

Nolans Private Selection – Gympie S.E. QLD

Private Selection is Nolans’ premium brand of beef and is produced from grain finished yearling beef, renowned for superior eating quality.
T-Bone (MSA) 90 Day Grain Fed 500g $55.00
Kilo T-Bone (MSA) 90 Day Grain Fed 1000g $89.00

Certified Angus Beef- Wagga, NSW

Teys Certified Angus is the superior choice when it comes to Angus beef. 150 days grain fed with a MSA grading enjoy richly flavoured, tender Angus beef in every mouthful.
Angus Rump (MSA) 300g $34.00
Eye Fillet (MSA) 200g $59.00
Angus Rib-Eye (MSA) 350g $59.00
Angus Rib on Bone (MSA) 650g $84.00

Havericks Dry Aged Beef, NSW

Whole beef primals are stored for balance of time & set temperature to slowly dry the exterior & develop a nutty flavour & tenderness to the beef inside.
Dry Aged Rib on Bone Pasture Fed 400g $70.00

Riverine, NSW

English breeds, Riverine beef is grain fed for a minimum of 150 days which ensures a consistent, quality product, rich in flavour with perfect tenderness, colour texture and taste.
NY Cut Striploin (MBS 2+) 150 Day Grain fed 400g $72.00

Rangers Valley Wagyu

Rangers Valley cattle from Northern Tablelands New South Wales are Black Angus Steers or Wagyu cross, which are selected for their superior marbling.
Wagyu Rib-Eye (MBS 6+) 450 Day Grain Fed 300g $86.00

All steaks served with your choice of chips, baked potato, mash or garden salad

Steak Extras

Red Wine Jus $2.00
Pepper Sauce $4.00
Béarnaise Sauce $4.00
Mushroom Sauce $4.00


Blue Cheese Butter $3.00
Roast Garlic & Thyme Butter $3.00
Surf & Turf with Béarnaise Sauce $10.00

Desserts Menu

Salted Caramel & Macadamia Bombe Alaska $16.00
Vanilla Creme Brulee, Stewed Rhubarb, Ginger Biscuit $16.00
Warm chocolate , Candied Almonds, Vanilla Ice Cream $16.00
Spiced Walnut Cake, Pear, Vanilla Cream $16.00
Liqueur Affogato, Espresso, Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream & Liqueur of Choice $18.00


Served with lavosh & quince paste
One Variety of Cheese $16.00
Two Variety of Cheese $26.00
Three Variety of Cheese $33.00

Trinity Cellars Aged Cheddar – Gippsland, Victoria – Hard – Cows Milk

The cheese is cloth matured then waxed and matured for approx 12 months. It has an extremly well balanced curd with an intense, full bodied flavour.The texture is firm
but as the cheese matures it will develop a slightly cucumber pate, this is due to the moisture loss that aging brings

Milawa Blue King Valley – Victoria, – Blue Cheese, Cows Milk

Milawa Blue – The interior is a soft ivory colour; the streaks of blue invade a rich interior which melts in the mouth. Sweet cellar aromas wtih a buttery finish are a feature
of this cheese. its natural rind has a rugged wrinkled appearance with various shadings of mould, the occasional pinkish yeast will occur. Milawa Blue is matured for eight to
twelve weeks.

Tarago River Tripple Cream Brie – Gippsland, Victoria White Mould Cheese, Cows Milk

The White mould blooms on the esterior of the cheese within 10 days of production reating sharp yeasty flavours near the rind that can become slighty musty and bitter as the cheese ripens.At muturity, the chalky core softens into a rich buttery texture with a clean, yet intense creamy, yeasty and earthy flavour profile.

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse Near Me Locations

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Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 11:45AM–3PM
Wednesday 11:45AM–3PM
Thursday 11:45AM–3PM
Friday 11:45AM–3PM
Saturday 5:30–9PM
Sunday Closed

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse Offer


Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse is the ideal venue for all styles of functions, from the intimate atmosphere of the Private Dining Room to the spacious First Floor Function Room; the venue can cater for all sizes.

They knowledgeable functions team will ensure that your event not only runs smoothly but your guests walk away with a memorable occasion that has certainly hit the spot.

First Floor Function Room

This stylish space is extremely versatile providing semi-private areas for 20- 100 people for seated functions, cocktail functions or both. Treat your guests to a private arrival drinks area followed by a delectable seated lunch or dinner and an enjoyable afternoon or evening full of fantastic service that is sure to impress.

Private Dining Room

Private Dining Rooms are hard to come by in Sydney which makes our private dining room truly a hidden gem in the CBD. The perfect room for just about any intimate occasion, from a small wedding to a corporate business lunch, the elegance and sophistication will take your breath away and that of your guests too.

About Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse

Housed in a heritage listed building constructed in 1833 which used to be an old soap and candle factory, this venues unique and beautiful characteristics such as the original sandstone walls are a rarity in Sydney’s dining industry.

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse has led the way in beef trends on the Sydney food scene since 1994.

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